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Modern Mining: AI And Mining’s Brave New Frontier

19 June, 2020
2 mins read

Modern Mining AI And Mining’s Brave New Frontier

Some might have misgivings regarding the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) and how its analytical power will replace traditional methods across the mining sector. However, its purpose is not to replace human beings. Rather, AI’s role is to supplement and support the human factor.
By delivering – for the first time – a truly complete overview of every aspect affecting a mine’s performance, we can achieve greater safety, accuracy and productivity. Since the theory around AI is surrounded by a morass of disjointed terms and conflicting opinions, we must first define a few factors before unpacking the impact it will have on the modern mining sector.

Modern Mining chats to Joe de Klerk, CCSMI MD, about the following:

  • What is artificial intelligence and machine learning?
  • Accuracy equals productivity
  • A new perspective – AI allows mining companies to generate a minute-by-minute picture of their operation. One way this is being realised is through the use of drones.
  • Safety and efficiency
  • The way forward – The fourth industrial revolution

The future will always be filled with uncertainty and exciting new technologies; AI and machine learning are just two of them. Far from being a cause for concern, however, they represent an incredible opportunity to meet novel challenges with innovative solutions.

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