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Rib Speclink Adds A Machine Learning Office Master Import Tool To Their Product Offerings

4 December, 2020
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Rib Speclink Adds A Machine Learning Office Master Import Tool To Their Product Offerings

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Atlanta, GA, December 7, 2020 RIB SpecLink announces the addition of an advanced import capability, allowing design professionals to quickly pair their existing Office Master content with SpecLink’s specification writing and document management platform. 

This tool enables SpecLink to be truly content-agnostic and allows firms and specifiers to better utilize their preferred content and collaborate more seamlessly with project team members — saving them time and money on every project.

“SpecLink has provided a basic import capability for some time,” says Matt Johnson, Senior Product Manager at RIB SpecLink. “This new tool allows us to provide our customers with a new user-assisted machine learning capability that makes it easy to deal with a wide variety of Office Master content, formatting styles, notes, choice groups, and other variations firms have developed over the years.”

Extending the benefits of SpecLink’s software to customer that create their own content allows project teams to work from the same page, track changes and decisions made, reduce errors and omissions, and create specifications up to 70% faster.

About RIB SpecLink

Founded in 1983, RIB SpecLink provides advanced commercial construction specification and interoperability solutions to Architects, Engineers, Specifiers, and Building Owners worldwide. The company is focused on bringing technology to market that drives collaboration, simplifies design, and increases efficiency for all stakeholders in the design and construction process.