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Schneider Fassaden GmbH & Co. KG – ERP Software Lays The Groundwork For More Efficient Processes

20 April, 2024
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Interrogating And Improving Existing Processes

Rethinking processes together. Based in Rheinstetten, Germany, Schneider Fassaden GmbH & Co. KG has been one of the leading rear-ventilated facade construction companies since 1968. The company recently implemented RIB 4.0 software and, in consultation with its professional teams, is using the software as a platform to rethink, streamline and improve organizational processes. These improvements will serve as the basis for better workflows throughout the project team. “We need process clarity,” explains David Augustin, Schneider Fassaden Project Manager.

Consolidating Tasks In A Single System

Currently, the company, made up of 17 administrative and 16 commercial employees, is focusing on the impactful integration of various areas of responsibility, which have so far been carried out by individual, disparate software tools. The RIB 4.0 platform, in conjunction with RIB Site, is now intended to establish productive, value-adding connections between the many different streams and activities within the business.

Communication Is Critical

The type of projects handled by Schneider Fassaden require exceptional communication between the construction site and the office. The company typically creates façade models based on point clouds. IFC files of a building envelope can also serve as a basis for modeling. The sheer quantity of components required for the company’s current projects is enormous. A multitude of custom-made parts is standard for the various construction tasks. A project can only be successful if all project participants are able to consistently coordinate their individual tasks.

“It’s necessary to know which tasks are assigned to each colleague within the process chain. In the past, when we all had our separate software tools, we often didn’t know the details of other team members’ tasks,” Augustin observes.

David Augustin makes it clear that implementing new software does not solve problems within processes. However, it helps to question and improve structures in the medium to long term. For example, it is crucial for project success that estimation, procurement, and project management engage in constant intensive communication. To achieve and strengthen this, a new process within the company is currently being developed based on RIB 4.0.

Construction Site Management: Simplified Change Management

RIB is also assisting to develop a new process to improve construction site management. This will see a simplification of the organization’s change management with the implementation of an app. The app shows the site managers, their exact location on the site and the subsequent tasks that still need to be completed whenever there are changes. This includes everything from the description of the change, to the evaluation and calculation, to the preparation of the offer and finally to the invoicing. In addition, photos of the changes can be added or a voice message can be recorded. With the help of this app, a direct connection can be established between the construction site and the office and site managers will find it easier to keep track of their tasks as they can see at a glance – even when there is a high workload – what information still needs to be shared with whom.

In the construction planning phase, Schneider Fassaden has already deployed an intelligent process for simplified defect recording on the construction site. Once an event has been recorded, a workflow is immediately started to address all parties involved and automatically set the deadlines. Experts at Schneider Fassaden are also currently reviewing and testing various ideas within RIB Site and RIB 4.0 to improve their project documentation processes.

The Crucial Human Factor

“Before we can finalize such processes to improve and simplify our day-to-day work, we have to all come to the table and look at it together,” David Augustin sums up. “The human factor is key to the creation of new business processes. Our job is to question existing structures and collectively discuss how we can improve them,” he concludes.

The type of projects handled by Schneider Fassaden require effective communication between the construction site and the office. The company typically creates façades models based on point clouds. IFC files of a building envelope can also serve as a basis for modeling.

With the RIB 4.0 construction site app photos of construction changes can be added and/or voice messages can be recorded. In this way, a direct connection between the construction site and the office can be established.

Current Schneider Fassaden project. With the help of RIB 4.0 software, the company aims to rethink, streamline, and improve its organizational processes.


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