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From 3D Building Model To Facility Management

November 1, 2016
3 mins read

Clearly structured processes enable us, together with our clients and planning partners, to increase the effectiveness, transparency and time optimization for individual planning phases.

Jan Witkovsky

Kohlbecker Gesamtplan GMBH Creates a Continuous Process With iTWO 5D

Kohlbecker Gesamtplan GmbH has opted for model-oriented planning and construction with the iTWO 5D software from RIB. Owner Florian Kohlbecker expects a completely continuous process from the new working method – from the three-dimensional building model to the client’s facility management. This way, the architecture and engineering office from the Black Forest wants to increase the quality of architecture and safety for the client. Not just the client benefits from working with BIM databases (Building Information Modeling): The family-run business is also aiming to gain greater efficiency based on integrated processes.

Through the simulation of all construction processes with RIB iTWO 5D and its continuous interlinkage with established 3D CAD and CAFM programs, the client should be able  to show the future usage of the building transparently, even at an early planning stage. “With the aid of such tools our customers can assign areas early or place people in the individual rooms. CAFM connection also makes it possible to show administrative aspects, such as maintenance intervals for the equipment and furnishings. With the model-based working method, we hope to achieve a stronger customer orientation,” owner Florian Kohlbecker explains.

Particularly Resource-Friendly and Ecologically Valuable Construction

In addition, the company is keen to particularly achieve resource-friendly and thus ecologically valuable construction with the 5D process. iTWO is to support it in representing the depth of planning fully continuously all the way to the production stage. With a design model furnished with many details, such as CNC data for windows, laborious work stages can be spared: A factor that can also help to save both time and resources.

Additionally, the company is planning to optimize the award of contracts using the 5D working method. “Clearly structured processes make it possible for us, together with our clients and planning partners, to make individual planning phases more effective, transparent and time-optimized,” adds Jan Witkovsky, authorized representative at Kohlbecker Gesamtplan GmbH. The goal is the internal efficiency increase,” he concludes. 


  • High transparency in the planning process
  • Improved coordination of all involved in planning
  • BIM as an all-encompassing method ensures quality in the project