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Made To Collaborate

31 August, 2021
4 mins read

“Candy Cloud Solution has given our teams the ability to collaborate on projects anywhere at any time without having to manage complicated physical servers. We also enjoy complete peace of mind knowing our data is securely backed up and that RIB CCS is ready to assist 24/7.”

Jody Selipsky, IT Manager – GVK-Siya Zama Construction

The days of siloed departments and data are over. As more and more construction companies embrace the power of cloud computing, they not only reap the benefits of increased productivity, but also greater project success thanks to cloud-based software designed to drive collaboration.

Combining class-leading construction management tools with the power of the cloud, Candy Cloud Solution is the ultimate project control software for the built environment.

Developed as a scalable desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) offering, it provides organisations with a centralised environment that virtualises the data found on their physical servers and computers. In this way, the lack of collaboration – so prevalent in traditional construction environments – is eliminated by giving multiple users access to the same information in real time. The resulting benefits, as you can imagine, are numerous.


With a single database hosted online, construction personnel are no longer limited in the way they share information or communicate. In the past, for example, a project manager in the field would have to wait until he returned to the admin office to update a tender bid with site-specific information. Thanks to Candy Cloud, this can now be achieved remotely at any time; by any number of people; working from anywhere in the world; across multiple platforms.


From a desktop at home to a tablet on-site; Candy Cloud empowers users to take charge with any internet-enabled device that supports a modern web browser.


The expense of implementing a physical, on-premise server can be extremely high and carries with it a responsibility to perform further configuration, sustained maintenance and software upgrades throughout the life-cycle of the hardware.

With Candy Cloud, however, users never have to worry about this due to the hosting providers utilised by RIB CSS being responsible for all IT infrastructure maintenance. And, when it comes to costs, these are shared amongst multiple users which results in significant savings.


Featuring multiple  systems that perform backups automatically, Candy Cloud offers a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%. This means, if you lose a laptop or some other mishap occurs, your data is completely secure and protected with industry-leading encryption. In addition, down-time is completely eliminated in such scenarios, as your data remains accessible via any internet-enabled device.


As your business succeeds, your IT requirements will most likely increase too. When this happens, Candy Cloud can scale automatically to meet them, no matter how big they may be, and provide additional infrastructure in a matter of minutes.

If your construction business hasn’t moved to the cloud yet, this is the perfect time to adopt Candy Cloud Solution. When you do, not only will you unlock real-time collaboration for truly informed decision-making and insights, but you’ll also lay the groundwork for your future success. To get started, reach out to RIB CCS today.