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iTWO 5D 2020 Is Predestined For Construction Tasks Of All Kinds 

9 April, 2020
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“In the field of architecture, iTWO 5D is clearly ahead in the entire building construction market due to the option of an intelligent quantity calculation from a 3D building model and especially the contact surfaces”.

Jim Bögershausen, iTWO content developer

RIB Software is Known as an Established Solution for Project and Cost Management

Jim Bögershausen knows iTWO 5D, the software for project and cost management from RIB, almost inside out. Even before founding his own company, the iTWO professional has always dealt comprehensively with the flagship construction software from RIB. The development of content for iTWO 5D was already one of his most important tasks at ZECH Bau SE in Bremen, his first professional station after his studies with focus on construction. Afterwards, the industrial engineer who had an affinity for IT, got a taste of the planning department at a leading architecture firm. There he was also responsible for the software and IT area as BIM manager. Today he primarily develops iTWO content for auxalia GmbH in Hamburg. A service company that supports firms along the construction value chain in their digitization strategy as well as trains and educates employees. In addition to content development, his tasks for auxalia also include webinars. At the same time he supports various leading construction companies and planning offices throughout Germany in the project business. In addition to the introduction to digital planning and construction, his professional focus includes client information requirements (AIA), the implementation of pilot projects with new digital IT systems as well as an efficient interface management.

High Acceptance in the Field of Architecture and Technical Building Equipment Planning 

Bögershausen is an expert in a wide range of software solutions and tools for the construction industry. In the field of technical project management, which primarily covers the tendering, awarding and invoicing of construction services, the RIB solution iTWO 5D is the most important solution for his clientele with particularly high acceptance on the market. This applies to the specialist disciplines of architecture and technical building services (TGA). Last but not least, iTWO 5D is also appreciated in civil engineering.


Calculation of contact surfaces with RIB iTWO. This is where the quantities of plaster surfaces are distinguished by whether they border on a masonry or reinforced concrete wall. Screenshots: Jim Bögershausen.


In the current iTWO version 2020, the height as well as the length of such a flat panel can easily be defined as a variable, which considerably reduces the effort.

New iTWO Version 2020

In building construction, iTWO 5D has already established itself as the leading solution for tendering, awarding and invoicing and is considered the standard throughout Germany.

Jim Bögershausen

Calculation of Quantities and Contact Areas Using 3D Building Model

“In the field of architecture, iTWO 5D is clearly ahead of the market in the entire building construction sector due to the option of intelligent quantity calculation from a 3D building model and especially of contact surfaces,” explains the professional. This is because other systems for tendering, awarding and billing can only take over the available parameters from the CAD software in which a model was created. If, for example, different types of plaster are to be applied inside a building, depending on whether a plaster element lies either against masonry or against reinforced concrete, a CAD program usually does not transfer this information to the software for determining project and cost information. iTWO from RIB, on the other hand has been actively dealing with this content, which is very important for planning offices, for many years and offers the possibility of calculating concrete contact areas very easily and precisely with special formulas for quantity determination. This is an elementary function in building construction that is unique to iTWO,” adds Bögershausen.

iTWO 2020 With Improved Partial Service Catalogues

This year RIB has launched a new version of iTWO 5D. In iTWO 2020 there are several innovations that make the creation of content much easier, as iTWO expert Bögershausen illustrates. In his function as content developer at auxalia GmbH, he is now able to create TGA-specific content much faster and with a significantly reduced risk of errors thanks to the revised partial service catalogues with parameterised positions. “Thanks to the new variable function in iTWO 2020, the positions for all possible lengths and heights of a radiator will no longer have to be generated completely from scratch for each measure in future,” Bögershausen points out. This is because in the current iTWO version, the height as well as the length of such a flat panel can easily be defined as a variable, which considerably reduces the effort involved.

This new variable function also shows its strengths in structural work: For concrete work on walls, a distinction is made between exposure classes, compressive strength classes, water-impermeable concretes and geometric distinctions. Only the compressive strength classes already account for around 16 items in the partial service catalogue. If all of these attributes of concrete are taken into account, a sum of up to 1,000 different items can be achieved. The new iTWO version reduces this mass of information to a few variables and thus to only a few partial services. In this way, it is again possible to maintain an overview in this application example.

Object book cost component assignment: Even with large data volumes, iTWO 2020 ensures fast cost element allocation. (Model: Störmer Murphy and Partners GbR).

Advantages for JIM Bögershausen

  • Solution with particularly high acceptance in the market for various specialist disciplines
  • Intelligent quantity calculation from a 3D building model
  • Simplified content generation with iTWO 2020


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