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Continuous BIM Process For All Service Phases

1 December, 2017
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HEIDELBERG, September 07 2017. The BUNG group, a leading planning and consulting company for the field of transport construction, tunneling, structural and industrial engineering, has opted for the iTWO 5D software from RIB. The Heidelberg company is currently developing a thoroughgoing 5D process to extend over all service phases of a construction project. The goal is to use RIB software for project and cost management, especially in the earlier phases. Because these features, according to the company, are decisive for the success of a BIM process.


BUNG is a leader in transport construction, tunneling, structural engineering and industrial engineering

The company has observed a trend in the market towards Building Information Modeling (BIM). The BUNG group’s public and private clients engage intensively with BIM issues. As an engineering consultant, BUNG wants to be prepared in advance to support all clients – from highway planning through construction supervision to the erection of engineered structures – comprehensively, across all disciplines.

The core elements of the BIM process at BUNG are the 3D CAD program Revit, by Autodesk, and the new software RIB iTWO 5D for the time (4D) and cost (5D) dimensions. In transport route planning, especially where construction is involved, and in construction supervision, a continuous BIM 5D process is currently being created within the group.

Ferdinand Weißbrod, M. Eng., shareholder in BUNG GmbH and head of the BIM task force within the company: “We see it as our task to support our clients in developing BIM for their projects. To this end, we first analyze the processes and establish solutions as to how these can be intelligently supported with the aid of software. In our company, we rigorously rely on the constant optimization of our processes and the use of centralized software solutions, including iTWO by RIB.”

As the company emphasizes, the increased depth of planning in the early service phases is decisive in providing the foundations for a successful BIM process. The company aims to employ the 5D software by RIB from the start, in all phases, and enmesh it in the process throughout.


Revit by Autodesk and RIB iTWO 5D Revit by Autodesk and RIB iTWO 5D are the core elements of the BIM process

Benefits for BUNG:

  • High transparency in the planning process
  • Improved coordination of all involved in planning
  • BIM as an all-encompassing method ensures quality in the project


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