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29 April, 2022
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BK Gulf LLC.

Established in 1978, BK Gulf LLC, part of the DUTCO Group of companies, are an MEP building services company providing a complete contracting service including design, procurement, installation, project management, commissioning and facilities management services to meet specific client requirements.

BK Gulf LLC has been involved with some of the largest and most prestigious projects in the Middle East and covers a wide range of market sectors from residential and commercial property and hotel resorts to infrastructure development and airport expansion projects.

The Challenge:

As a provider of end-to- end construction services, the teams at BK Gulf manage projects that require highly complex cost control and productivity management. Often the teams were only able to analyse the data in hindsight, by which time, corrections and alternations were too late to be fully effective. This needed to change. As a result, BK Gulf wanted to overhaul their fairly closed accounts system. The need for easily accessible, visible, real time data was identified as the core solution along with reporting and procurement functions.

RIB delivered more than we expected in a very short time frame. As part of the implementation process, the team ensured thorough knowledge transfer. This has enabled BK Gulf to realise the full benefits of the products immediately. We certainly made the right decision for our business by choosing RIB as our business partner. 

Luke Ashe, Commercial Manager

The Solution:

Sharing Knowledge for better Solutions

BK Gulf wanted a solution, not just a product. They knew that one-stop integrated systems are what we’re best at. It was important for them to work with people who didn’t just understand software, but who understood the industry. BK Gulf valued our field-specific knowledge, especially because our consultants had already come across similar problems. A fresh yet experienced pair of eyes was what they needed – and that is exactly what they got.


Our preferred solution was quick and effective. We recommended a three (3) month programme implementing both Candy and BuildSmart simultaneously, focusing on:

  • Candy Estimating & Project Control
  • BuildSmart Accounts and Site costing
  • BuildSmart Procurement and Materials costing
  • BuildSmart Stock and Inventory Management
  • BuildSmart Plant Management, Maintenance and Costing, Yard Stock
  • BuildSmart Sub-Contractor Management

The Results:

Time is of the Essence

Our software is driving business efficiency at BK Gulf. Candy Valuations breaks down the BOQ, giving a quick snapshot and speeding up procurement. Information entered as work is done automatically feeds into the system – ready for reporting at the click of a button. They used to spend around ten (10) days manually pulling together cost reports from accounts release. That’s now down to two (2) days. This has huge practical advantages. Staff have more time to review the data instead of preparing it. Audit time is reduced. And the board gets reports sooner thanks to the faster release of accounts information. The whole process used to take six (6) weeks. Now it takes just two (2) to three (3).

Real-time Cost Approvals with Accuracy

BK Gulf are now in control of contract costs. An updated resource list of the contract and BuildSmart ICMS real-time reporting means they can sit and discuss issues for the next plan – not old issues that have already happened. Data is hugely more accurate too. Information comes from source giving better quality data they know they can trust. They no longer need to pull together separate pieces of information together, meaning they no longer risk making errors. BK Gulf now have a tool to analyse data and find out if/where there are any discrepancies.

Intelligent Integration with Integrity

RIB solutions are different to other software because they link and integrate all data. Everyone at BK Gulf now works with standard reports. In the same language. In the same format. Plus tight system security keeps their data safe.

Clean cost data has been the biggest improvement for BK Gulf and it’s thanks to our seamless link between procurement and cost accounting. They have the cost and activity codes right at the start, meaning everything flows all the way through. Gone are the days of manual requisitions and changing cost codes as the project goes through various approvals.