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4 Ways RIB 4.0 Helps Drive Better Performance For Contractors

12 January, 2022
5 mins read

Performance For Contractors

The construction industry is adopting new tech solutions at a fast pace. As such, construction companies need to make sure they’re using the right technology to drive their businesses forward.

Construction is certainly not an easy industry, and projects face all kinds of serious challenges. These include rising material costs, poor collaboration, increased competition, and profit margins that always seem to be shrinking.

The solution to overcoming these challenges is to use the right software tools. This will help companies to improve efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.

3 Factors That Affect Construction Success

When looking at the performance of any construction project, three key factors can hold back the success of any project. These are:

  • Poor planning Inadequate planning results in wasted time, materials and work. This is a major factor for profit loss.
  • Poor decision making In many projects, stakeholders work in departmental silos and struggle to access accurate data. This makes it a challenge to meet common goals.
  • Poor communication and collaboration Communication breakdowns and inefficient collaboration efforts result in most problems during project workflows

How MTWO Can Improve Construction Productivity

Digital transformation can improve productivity by around 15% while lowering costs up to 9%. Construction organizations can vastly improve their success rates with the right digital tools – like RIB 4.0.

Here are 4 ways that RIB 4.0 can help contractors deliver better performance with each project.

1. Utilize BIM Simulations

  • RIB 4.0 allows contractors to run 5D simulations of their projects before construction actually begins. This simulates the actual construction process for better planning and preparation.
  • BIM simulations can also be compared alongside each other. This helps to evaluate different time and cost scenarios.
  • The planning phase and the construction and implementation phases can benefit significantly from these simulations.
  • It helps to avoid oversights and ensures projects proceed in the best way possible. You can test “what-if” scenarios to find optimal solutions for various aspects of the project. This leads to greater project success as you can avoid unnecessary costs and manage risk better.

Managing every stage of the entire project lifecycle is far more efficient and accessible with 5D BIM models.

2. Enhanced Collaboration Across the Project Lifecycle

One of the core benefits of using RIB 4.0 is the smooth and easy collaboration between all stakeholders during a project. This enterprise-level solution offers a single platform where contractors can manage the entire project lifecycle.

  • Using a single platform to access the same data eliminates data silos. All stakeholders can instantly share any updates on the project and know exactly what their roles are.
  • Communication improves considerably. As a result, it simplifies cross-department collaboration through access to the same data resources.
  • RIB 4.0 easily customises all workflows and manages them based on accurate data. With this improved coordination comes better results at every stage of the project.

3. Make Faster Data-Driven Decisions

Accurate decision making is always a challenge during construction projects. Decisions need to be backed up by data. Project managers must also make decisions quickly so that the project workflow isn’t interrupted.

With RIB 4.0, contractors can always access up-to-date data to make speedy informed decisions whenever they need to.

By using a centralised platform, all data is captured and updated in one place. This means all project data remains accurate and reliable for all stakeholders. Contractors can easily find insights into the project’s resources, risks, costs, schedules, or more, at any time.

4. Increased Efficiency Through Standardized Workflows

  • By utilising standardised workflows through one platform, RIB 4.0 offers far greater levels of efficiency throughout any project. All collaborations can take place quickly and without confusion. This allows workflows to continue at a strong pace.
  • By standardising all workflows through a single platform, you reduce redundant administrative work. Instead, everything is correct the first time.
  • All standardised workflows, projects, and data are available in one central hub. This accessibility can vastly improve overall productivity.


In today’s digital world, choosing the right solution for construction project management is essential.

RIB 4.0 offers a complete enterprise-level solution for contractors to transform their operations. With it, contractors can improve project management, enhance collaboration, boost efficiency and more.