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Accelerate Digitisation In Changing Times With RIB 4.0 Complete Construction Cloud

12 January, 2022
5 mins read

Digitisation is essential in today’s world. When it comes to construction, project managers need to choose the right digital solutions that can integrate complex workflows in one place.

RIB 4.0 is the complete construction cloud solution. The platform offers BIM model management, quantity takeoff, estimating, scheduling, tendering and bidding, procurement, project management, site management, and more, all through a single platform. This is the most efficient way to cover project lifecycle management.

Here is a breakdown of some of RIB 4.0’s key features and benefits.

5D BIM Project Management

RIB 4.0 is a highly integrated BIM-based solution. It allows project managers and teams to use the software from project conception to completion.

With RIB 4.0 , all the phases of a project are interconnected. It centralises all project information so that everyone involved can access the exact same data. This ensures accuracy across the board and helps projects run more efficiently.

  • Project Planning

All stakeholders in a project can partner up during the planning phase. By using  RIB 4.0 5D BIM simulation, stakeholders can explore design alternatives and forecast their costs and time to help choose the best plan.

 RIB 4.0’s automatic model-based takeoffs save time and create more accurate estimates. This process can also identify potential conflicts early on.

The tender process is also vastly improved with  RIB 4.0. The platform uses a smart tendering price analysis to easily trace and compare bids.

  • Building

 RIB 4.0 optimises management during the building phase. With Gantt Chart, you can easily compare schedules and identify any points of conflict. As a result, you can resolve potential problems before they even occur, making projects run more smoothly.

All site reports are uploaded to a single platform. Thus, stakeholders can easily access the relevant information and keep up to date on project progress.

Construction teams can also develop procurement lists and generate procurement schedules within the platform. This can be integrated with the project timeline to optimise the timeliness of procurement processes.

Throughout the building phase, construction managers can use the single interface to monitor progress, record issues and update the project status.

  • Operation

Even after building, you can use  RIB 4.0 to enhance the operation phase. Teams will be able to access important data for operation and maintenance phases.

All data from suppliers and materials is integrated into the system. This gives users a better understanding of how to manage the facilities after the building phase is completed.

A Complete Enterprise Solution

 RIB 4.0 stores all enterprise data in a single database. This vastly improves collaboration and communication at every level of a project. Having a complete enterprise solution in place gets rid of data silos, making cross-connecting and referencing data a breeze.

Here are some of the core advantages of this feature:

  • Workflow management. Visual workflows make managing the project far more efficient for all stakeholders.
  • Enterprise data management. All data from the entire project lifecycle is stored in a single database. This means everyone can access up-to-date information.
  • Agile document management. One central location is used by everyone to manage and share records across the entire asset lifecycle.
  • Resource management. Complete resource management is integrated with project management.  RIB 4.0 helps plan, schedule and allocate equipment, employees, and materials for complete efficiency.

Business Intelligence

The  RIB 4.0 Control Tower provides a wide range of project metrics in real-time. This can help everyone involved understand the project scope, cost, schedule, safety, quality, and more to improve planning the steps ahead.

The extensive analytics and reporting features allow contractors to make fast data-based decisions. With this real-time information, you can identify issues and address them before they become critical.

Cloud-Based Collaborations

 RIB 4.0 is a cloud-based solution integrated with Microsoft Teams. This makes it far easier to collaborate across teams, access up-to-date information, and improve productivity across a project.

Anyone can access the right information from anywhere, anytime, which helps to move the project along faster. With accurate information always on hand, you can avoid bottlenecks and experience a seamless collaborative environment.

 RIB 4.0 cloud-based solution also offers advanced security measures to keep project data safe.


 RIB 4.0 is the complete construction solution for digitisation. The platform uses a single database to manage the entire project, from planning to execution. All stakeholders can utilise  RIB 4.0 for greater collaboration and more efficient operations.