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Embrace The Cloud For Enhanced Collaboration

31 August, 2021
4 mins read

If you want to succeed in the built environment, collaboration is key. Unfortunately, the multi-layered complexity of most construction projects – coupled with the deadline-driven nature of the industry as a whole – means that stakeholders often fail to achieve true cohesion. Instead, key processes and departments become siloed from one another, giving rise to compartmentalised divisions which can jeopardise a project and its delivery. Keep reading to discover why you should embrace the cloud for enhanced collaboration.

There are, of course, various options to address this lack of collaboration from identifying the processes responsible for dividing people, to promoting a greater understanding of how individuals work but one of the most effective resolutions is to adopt a cloud-based construction management solution.

Thanks to the power of cloud-computing, construction companies can now digitise all their data and host it online in a central, multi-user depository that is completely secure and accessible from anywhere in the world, at any time. With up-to-date information being shared in real-time, contractors and stakeholders are empowered to collaborate like never before, while enjoying a host of benefits which include:


To implement a physical, on-premise server can cost a fortune. By moving everything into the cloud, however, a company’s entire network can be virtualised online; providing staff with precisely the same experience they would have in their office, albeit it now runs from a remote location. When this occurs, infrastructure and IT maintenance costs get shared amongst multiple users, resulting in significant monetary savings.


A cloud environment hosted on one of the major platforms – such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services – provides an extremely secure and stable environment, with 99.99% guaranteed uptime. In addition, such a solution takes care of backups automatically. Therefore, in the event of hardware failure or other mishaps, you enjoy complete peace of mind knowing your data is fully protected.


To add additional IT infrastructure in a physical office is time-consuming, due to hardware needing to be ordered and then configured extensively. In a cloud environment, however, this is a non-event thanks to auto-scaling which automatically increases or decreases server capacity based on a user’s predefined parameters.


By eliminating repetitive tasks such as the installation of software updates and server maintenance, your IT team’s time is freed up to focus on the larger strategic objectives of your business.

Embrace the cloud for enhanced collaboration today

When construction companies embrace the integration of cloud-based technology within their workflows, they not only reap the benefits of increased productivity, but also enjoy greater collaboration for seamless project management and delivery. If your organisation is not benefitting from the cloud yet, RIB CCS is ready to help with a solution tailor-made for both you and the built environment. Speak to us today.