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Digitizing The “New Water Supply Oslo Project” With MTWO

December 10, 2018
4 mins read

Digitizing The “New Water Supply Oslo Project” With MTWO

The City of Oslo is building a new water supply for Oslo, to provide a redundant water supply system. Today the City’s water supply is vulnerable if a vital part of the water supply fails, as there is only one main source, Maridalsvannet and one water treatment plant. Building new water mains across the city is a vital part of the main project.

Joint venture awarded the “Drinking water tunnel” contract

A joint venture of Norwegian engineering and construction company AF Gruppen and Italian tunnelling specialist Ghella has been awarded the contract to build new drinking water mains for the city of Oslo. The water mains will have several connection points that will connect the new mains with the existing mains along the route. Approximately 11 km of tunnel will be drilled by Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) and 7 km excavated by drill and blast. In addition, the joint venture AF Ghella shall build drinking water basins and a pump station.

Teams work on the preparation of a blasting in the main tunnel. Illustration: Kristen Petillon

Connecting tunnels by connecting teams, data, and processes!

AF Ghella needed an integrated platform to effectively manage the project and digitize the processes. They wanted to replace individual spreadsheets with connected workflows that support the seamless digitization of their processes. And last, a platform where all stakeholders in the project have easy access to real-time data to gain efficient collaboration.

The project started while we were looking for a warehouse management system. During the first demos of MTWO, we realized that expanding our scope was a necessity. A key factor that led us to choose MTWO over competitors is that its roots come from the construction sector, and not industrial production like other ERPS, which will save us a lot of time for implementation work.

Kristen Petillon, AF Ghella

MTWO will help AF Ghella to manage the project from end to end with 5D BIM, by connecting all teams anytime, anywhere through all devices, providing real-time intelligent data for effective decision-making.

Multiple spreadsheets will be eliminated and replaced with standardized and connected workflows. The goal is to reduce costly errors, delays, and miscommunication throughout the project.  

A new water supply in Oslo, which will provide Oslo’s residents a redundant water supply. Illustration: City of Oslo

The “Drinking water tunnel” contract is expected to be completed in November 2027.

I’m excited to assist AF Ghella in implementing MTWO, RIB Software’s end-to-end construction software platform. With all key construction tasks carried out on one integrated platform, AF Ghella are aiming to achieve a far more efficient project management process compared to working in many disparate software tools.

Michael Baker, Senior Consultant, MTWO

About AF Group and Ghella

The AF Group ASA is the third largest civil engineering and construction company in Norway. The company headquarter is in Oslo. The AF Group is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Ghella has over the course of 150 years built over 130 tunnels and connected more than 1,000 km of highways, railways, and subways.