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RIB Software Signs A RIB 4.0 Contract With Denys Group

29 April, 2020
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RIB Software Signs A RIB 4.0 Contract With Denys Group

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We are very proud to announce that we have signed a new contract with Denys Group – a multidisciplinary group specialized in water, energy, mobility, architecture, restoration, and special techniques.

Denys Group needed a strong solution for cost estimation, and effective management and control of all resources involved in cost calculations in terms of people, equipment, and materials. Denys was looking for a solution to replace outdated systems with low degree of reporting and insights capabilities and a solution that could scale together with their growing international company – and the choice fell on RIB 4.0.

Denys CEO, Bruno Geltmeyer, said “Implementing the RIB 4.0 solution will allow us to standardize and professionalize our calculation and tender process within our multidisciplinary and international environment. Taking into account that we start also with the implementation process of a new cloud-based ERP system, the proven experience of RIB in interfacing RIB 4.0 with BIM and ERP was also key in choosing for RIB Software.

RIB 4.0 solution’s will contribute to an integrated solution comprising of Sharepoint, IFS and RIB 4.0 with one central database for storing all project data with the goal to reduce costly errors, delays, and miscommunication. Further, Denys will be able to ensure a continued journey of workflow automation and digitization of all processes and stakeholders in the tender department will have easy access to real-time data and insights.

We began the digitalization journey with Denys Group some time ago and I’m very pleased that we were able to match Denys’ technical needs and now will add RIB 4.0 to their digital technology portfolio. We believe that Denys will propel their business faster and further into the future. We couldn’t be more excited about starting this journey together with Denys.“

Thor Wexø, Business Development Director, RIB Software

About Denys Group

Denys Group is headquartered in Belgium and has evolved into an international construction group employing 1.800 people globally and is striving for organic growth. Denys innovate in several disciplines: water, energy, mobility, infrastructure, refurbishment, civil engineering, special techniques, and other specialized building techniques. In each of those complementary areas of expertise, Denys has confirmed its position as a niche player and has shown itself to be a global reference with high added value. Denys has been working steadily on expanding internationally, and has today a firm foothold in Europe, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa and is busy exploring markets such as Asia, Central and South America and Canada.