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Venetia Mine Runs On Candy

July 17, 2019
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Venetia Mine Runs On Candy

The De Beers Group started excavation work on an underground extension to its Venetia Mine in South Africa in 2013. The new development is expected to extend the life of the mine to 2046 and deliver about 96 million carats in diamonds.

The USD2.1-billion project is the biggest investment in the South African diamond mining industry in decades and is expected to be in full production in 2025.

Around 1 500 jobs have already been created in construction. The company currently operates an opencast mine employing 3 731 staff, of whom 1 411 are DBCM employees and 2 320 are full-time contractors providing specific services and skills. The underground project will include employees who transfer from the open pit to the underground mining systems, while the future mine will use the current plant to process ore.

A project of this scope requires experienced and reliable partners, and De Beers assigned the quantity surveying and contract management to Professional Cost Consultants (PCC), with Murray & Roberts Cementation as the contractor. Similarly, a multi-year endeavour like this requires tight control of costs and all the equipment, parts, and labour required through the various phases of the project. To accomplish these goals, organisations need a reliable and proven project management platform able to effectively and transparently deal with every aspect of the project and provide in-depth reports.

For the Venetia project, the Candy estimating and project control software from CCS Mining & Industrial (CCSMI) was chosen.

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