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RIB CCS Wins Software Solutions Company Of The Year Award

27 October, 2021
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RIB CCS Wins Software Solutions Company Of The Year Award

In the safety shoes and hard hats of the construction industry

RIB CCS was awarded “Software Solutions Company of the Year 2021” at the BNC Construction Innovation Awards, which recognises individual excellence, corporate strength and project success in the region’s construction industry.

Andrew Skudder, RIB CCS CEO, says being recognised as the leading software company is a credit to the hard work conducted by RIB CCS team members. “Their work is informed by practical experience, lessons learned and industry best practice – all underpinned by innovative solutions that empower players in the construction industry.”

With the construction industry being one of the least digitised industries globally, RIB CCS’ purpose is to drive digital transformation in the industry through smart technology that is aimed at improving efficiencies and enhancing productivity in the built environment.

Skudder says the award comes on the cusp of the business’s 40th year of delivering specialised software solutions to the industry. “It is a wonderful affirmation by the industry that we are on the right track. It also underlines our efforts to build an international reputation for excellence.”

He says the company works hard to attract, motivate and retain talented employees. “We are focused on establishing the benchmark when it comes to development, support and service. All support, training and implementation personnel are experienced construction industry professionals, capable of providing expert support, assistance and advice on the practical application of our products.”

“In addition, we understand the stress of meeting tight deadlines for tenders, cost reports or financial management reports. We have become our customers’ trusted advisors and we show them not only how to use our software, but how to embed industry best practice in their organisations. We make it our mission to place ourselves in their safety shoes and hard hats.” adds Skudder.

The award also bears testimony to the support and trust of RIB CCS clients. “Our clients’ partner with us for the long-term and because of this, we’ve fostered a strong service-oriented culture around our training and support services. When we talk about around-the-clock support, we truly mean it – our clients can pick up the phone and talk to us any time of day – and we feel that this is what really sets us apart.”

The RIB CCS journey started more than 40 years ago. The business has scaled significantly over the years as the world has become increasingly digitised. Everything it does leverages the latest digital technologies to empower its clients to run their businesses better.

Skudder says RIB CCS is focused on addressing many of the challenges the industry faces.  “While construction is the single largest industry vertical in the world, it lags behind in average productivity growth and has only grown by about 1% in the last decade.”

“Construction projects are also high-risk endeavours, which yield a large capital investment value, sometimes running into millions and even billions. What we’re seeing is that the margins are increasingly placed under pressure and recorded at about 4% or 5%, on average,” he adds.

Research shows that approximately 80% of all construction projects run over time and/or over budget, resulting in low levels of customer satisfaction. “All of these challenges are further compounded by the fact that the construction industry is one of the least digitised industries across the field, ranking 22 of 23 industry verticals.”

“We are, however, now at an interesting stage within the built environment where there are fit-for-purpose digital solutions that can fast-track the journey. And that’s where we come in. It’s our mission to drive this digital transformation of the industry so that it can prosper for many generations to come,” notes Skudder.

Looking ahead, he says the focus for RIB CCS will always be on its clients. “We constantly work to improve our own operations to provide even greater service. We understand the importance of a single view of the customer. It helps us to better serve them, which amplifies both their success and ours. And we’re expanding on and exploring new and cutting-edge digital technology every day, so that we can do that more intelligently.”

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