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Why You Should Use RIB Connex Construction Cloud for Quality Assurance

6 April, 2022
4 mins read

Do you work as a construction manager, contractor or just generally with quality assurance in construction? Then you may also know the importance of keeping track of registration and documentation of the work done.

Defects and errors are often part of construction projects, and the ability to deal with them is crucial to a project’s success. A good and effective tool is therefore important to prevent errors and to ensure that a chosen quality is maintained during the whole construction process.

With Connex Construction Cloud, you get the best conditions to make correct and accurate QA. Read why below!

1) Create test plans for quality assurance easily

Use the customizable forms that best suits your company. With Connex, you can easily create your own test plans with associated control schemes that can be adapted to all disciplines and processes – for example, receiving, process and final inspection.
You can insert checkpoints yourself and describe exactly when (scope) and how the control should take place (method, acceptance criteria), as well as what should be documented in connection with QA. Even smarter, you also have the option to link photo documentation and location to the checklists, making it even easier to ensure traceability and a well-documented basis.

Save time on your hard work and reuse the QA setup you’ve created in Connex. You can easily duplicate plans and schemes, or copy to other projects you are working on. All your future projects are secured a fast setup of QA processes.

2) View your checklists and tasks anytime, anywhere

Once all the QA plans are set up, you, as a contractor or supervisor, can simply take Connex Mobile in your hand, either via mobile or tablet, and collect registrations. All information is stored in the cloud, so it can be accessed, edited, or retrieved from anywhere – even when you’re offline. And if you identify errors or challenges on site along the way, you can quickly create tasks directly in the 3D model or 2D plan and send them to the relevant project participants.
Connex makes it easy to collaborate and communicate with both internal and external parties on the project, ensuring that work is completed properly and progresses on schedule.

If you’re not sure how far you’ve come, you can quickly get an overview of all the tasks you’re involved in, by sorting and filtering in the columns to create exactly the overview you need. Nothing is missed and errors and deficiencies are resolved faster.

3) Keep track of QA processes with project reporting and interactive dashboards

If you are responsible for QA and schedule compliance, it’s essential with a clear overview of the QA processes – even when you’re not on site.
Connex helps you structure your QA plans and all related checklists in one unified system.

Through interactive dashboards, you can continuously gain valuable insight into how tasks and other critical issues affect project design, schedule, or finances from start to finish, so you can make data-driven decisions based on real-time project data.

With Connex, you can also easily generate, share, and extract reports with tasks, registrations, locations, etc., and filter the reports with exactly the information you want to uncover. For example, you can view how many registrations are closed or active for a particular checklist to allocate the right resources.