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Ten (10) Qualities Of A Professional Estimator

12 April, 2021
2 mins read

Which qualities of a professional estimator are most important?

  1. Studying RFP documents thoroughly i.e., SOW, ITB, Specs, drawings and specially sub-con quotations.
  2. Owning a comprehensive and well-organized database which is being updated after each project submission.
  3. Live projects (visiting sites) most often in-order to experience the new construction techniques.
  4. Embraces and adopts digital revolution, treats MS Excel as a second wife, have good command on estimating software i.e. Candy (RIB CCS), etc.
  5. Efficient procurement skills and persuasive purchasing approach.
  6. Keeping good relationship with Cost Control office and getting feedback for critical item’s execution.
  7. Pareto’s Principle, 80/20, 80% impact comes from 20% items. Focusing on big ticket items from SCM perspective.
  8. Behaviour: Staying calm, focused during immense pressure, handling multitask, excellent level of numeracy, ability to prioritize the tasks, creative and inventive thinker, believer of team work, love subordinates.
  9. Proof reading, Cross checking, comparing final figure with similar nature of previously submitted projects before issuing final report.
  10. Not only producing the persuasive commercial proposals but knowing the art to present it in a self-explaining manner.

Ismail Gultasab

Lead Estimator at El Seif Engineering Contracting

Published on August 23, 2020 LinkedIn