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Powerful Project Management Software Makes Us A Force To Be Reckoned With.

6 September, 2018
4 mins read

powerful project

With the construction projects currently booming, how do you look at the market for the project management software.

IH: From the beginning RIB has catered to the infra and the construction industry. We have always been a perfect match when it comes to managing resources and getting projects completed. Since establishment, we have looked to expand &cater to all geographies possible. India, on its own, is a huge market, whether it is booming or not. We see a lot of opportunities here and are planning to make the most of them. There are many pending projects that have been set in motion by the current government and all these projects are of massive magnitude. Hence, the entire construction and infrastructure industry will be in need of a system that will help the projects to complete on time and within budget. This is not just an interim requirement, the need for project management software will only increase with time and we will be here to provide all the necessary help. The software is just a tool wherein the end user must input all the raw data and his experience to get the best results. As such, the market for us today is full of opportunity to flex our muscles.

Being the pioneers of the construction and project management software, what is it that makes you stand out from the other players?

IH: We were the first within the industry to work solely with the infrastructure and construction industry. RIB Products are designed and developed within the construction industry and the software, RIB BuildSmart and RIB Candy, is an outcome of the combined efforts of over 800 years of collective construction experience. We put our knowledge to good use and produced these products. Working with RIB means collaborating with experienced construction industry professionals.

PC: We do not just estimate. What we provide is a real end-to-end control to the client or to whomever makes use of this software. Our work begins from the moment the client comes to us for help. We start from estimate and stop at payment. That, I think, is an edge over other software providers.

All that we have designed, does not stop just at the projects. We also simplify work for our clients at Head Office level. Our software RIB BuildSmart has been designed with all the necessary functions. Best practice contracting business processes are embedded in our solutions requiring limited customisation, ensuring clients and their teams benefit immediately from the very latest software, features and functions. In industry, there are a lot of companies who promise to offer what we can do. In our case we know what we have done in the past and what we will be doing and presenting to our clients. Our support teams have first-hand experience of the challenges and requirements they face daily in the field, combined with uncompromising deep solution specific knowledge and understanding.

The result?

Expert advice and assistance when you need it most.

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