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The Best Podcasts To Help You Build A Better Construction Business

11 February, 2020
4 mins read

With the huge variety of available media in the digital world right now, it can be difficult to choose a channel to engage with. Many of us are auditory people which means we learn better through listening to content, rather than reading it. It’s for this very reason that we encourage you to explore the world of podcasts. Podcasts are a series of audio clips that available for download via the internet. Think of them as talk radio snippets that you can listen to at your own convenience. Keep reading to discover the essential podcasts to help you build a better construction business.

With so many business experts hosting their own podcasts, it may be hard to choose which to listen to. We’ve taken the hard work out of choosing and recommend the following three podcasts that we think are worthwhile for any SME, no matter the industry. They provide excellent insights into running, growing and making a success of one’s business.

Podcasts to help you build a better construction business

1. Masters of Scale – Reid Hoffman

Masters of Scale is a podcast written by the legendary Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn. He delves into everything that is required to build and scale a business. By breaking these down into their individual facets, you’ll get to hear how each aspect can affect your business, throughout its lifetime. The guests giving these insights are some of the most influential business leaders of our time which adds some serious weight to the quality of the content. Think of insights on recruitment from Mark Zuckerberg and how to accelerate history from Bill Gates. Add to this it’s incredible production and you have one of the best podcasts for any business owner.

2. The Tim Ferriss Show — Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss has made it his life’s goal to deconstruct the world’s leaders, to understand what they do differently/better and how this can be implemented into one’s life to significantly enhance it. Tim not only interviews the world’s business leaders, he also interrogates highly successful sports personalities, scientists, record breakers and beyond. The podcast falls off the back of his New York Times bestseller, “The 4-Hour Work Week” (a must read), which uses tricks, hacks and tools to remove unwanted noise from our work life and to focus on what really matters. Tim is also an incredibly successful investor and entrepreneur who lives by the application of his own theories. The podcasts are long format, averaging 2 hours a show, but are a great compliment to the drive to and from work. A truly insightful and content rich show.

3. The GaryVee Audio Experiences —  Gary Vaynerchuk

This show doesn’t hold its punches, the language can be colourful and the content shocking at times, but there’s method behind the madness. Vaynerchuk is an incredibly successful entrepreneur who boasts a true rags-to-riches story which he’s achieved through his admirable grit and determination. Vaynerchuk’s unique perspective around one’s business and personal priorities gives his listeners a clear message — stop wasting time on things that don’t matter. A great listen which promises to offer valuable insights to any business owner.