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New Updates Within RIB Cx (Formerly Itwo Cx) 23.08: Intuitive Dashboard Builder, Analytics For Forms, Auto-updating Form User Fields, And Much More!

9 August, 2023
5 mins read

RIB CX is pleased to announce its latest version, 23.08! This release aims to modernise the look and feel for the RIB CX platform and focuses on Dashboards, Forms, Publication Space, Tenders & more.

Some of the key significant features within this update include new intuitive dashboard builder, on-demand analytics for form types. Additionally, within Forms we have introduced; automatic update of user fields based on logic, a dynamic document list user field and more!

The 23.08 release is rolling out from 9th Aug, with more information on the significant features mentioned below. For a complete list of developments within 23.08, please follow our Release Notes.

New Intuitive Dashboard Builder

In RIB CX 23.08 we are introducing our new drag-and-drop dashboard builder experience which streamlines how you configure your dashboards to facilitate your reporting needs. Easily create and customise widgets, resize, and arrange them on a single screen without the need to navigate to multiple tabs and pages.

Once created within the dashboard it can be saved, allowing the user to have a single source of relevant information.

On-demand Analytics For Form Types

In this update, RIB CX introduces an update to the former statistics page as a new On-Demand Dashboard for all form types. Users can now easily access valuable insights and analytics for any form type that captures metadata. All metadata fields can be effortlessly reported within this on-demand dashboard, which allows for data-driven decision-making. Furthermore, users can conveniently save the dashboard as a report, allowing them to access the analytics and data whenever they require.

Automatic Update Of User Fields Based On Logic

Within Forms, users are now empowered with even more control and flexibility over configurations. Users can set actions to occur based on certain values entered within the form fields. These form fields could include user field values, checkboxes, radio buttons and more, allowing optimisation of form workflow through dynamic initiation of actions at the back end.

The intuitive interface of RIB CX further allows these actions to be defined, such as auto-populating with current date and user ID information when criteria are met, and vice versa when it is not. If met, this can be further extended to the remaining list of fields within the form which need to be filled up with the current date and user ID information if required. Whether it’s updating a contact and date field outside of a list or within a list, the trigger functionality is now more powerful and versatile, enabling easy automation across your forms.

Dynamic Document List User Field

In addition to the manual document list user field, this release introduces the Dynamic Document List User Field which is a powerful new functionality that simplifies form management and saves valuable time. With this enhancement, the document list user field can now automatically populate all relevant forms for an associated activity, based on predefined criteria, eliminating the need for manual searching and linking. These associated forms can easily be set to display as progress bar or in a list format.

Find Out More About RIB Cx Version 23.08

For more information about the headline features detailed above, plus a complete list of all new functionalities, please read our full Release Notes here. Other changes include improvements made within the publication space, a new user field experience, tenders, and much more.

We are excited about the new features and functionalities that are being introduced, which are a further expansion of the previous 23.04 update. With these upgrades, we aim to provide even greater value to construction project management teams, allowing them to work more efficiently, communicate more effectively, and achieve better outcomes overall.

To find out more about the expansive potential of RIB CX for construction project management, feel free to reach out to our Sales Team today!


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