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How Miners Can Plan For Success During Volatile Times

14 July, 2020
2 mins read

How Miners Can Plan For Success During Volatile Times

Recent data from StatsSA indicates the South African mining sector is still facing an uphill battle, with production falling another 1.5% year-on-year in May – the seventh consecutive month it has declined. Keep reading to see how miners can plan for success in volatile times.

Facing headwinds such as rising production costs, currency volatility and unreliable electricity supply, mining groups need to maximise efficiencies to succeed.

Those that have a firm handle on tendering, procurement, project costs and time will be best positioned to survive and even thrive. Leading mining groups are looking for ways to use technology to gain better visibility into business performance and tighter control over their processes.

Here are five considerations when choosing the right business solution:

  1. A specialist industry solution is the best fit
  2. Integration is key
  3. Get a handle on third parties
  4. Get your head in the cloud
  5. Make better decisions based on the complete picture

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