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RIB Launches Product Suite Focused On Improving Collaboration Between Spec-writers And Bpms

19 July, 2023
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Project complexity continues to trend in a direction that requires architects and engineers to devote more time to staying abreast of changes, usually without equivalent time being added to delivery deadlines to compensate. One of the most common ways to address this challenge is by leveraging the technical and specification support of Building Product Manufacturers in a way that limits opportunities for mistakes while preserving the transparency needed for an open specification.

RIB has partnered with Schneider Electric to design a platform for Building Product Manufacturers to help hundreds of Consultant Solution Architects spread across multiple business units, provide specification support for thousands of projects to consulting engineers.

Recognizing the need to provide tools to Spec-writers who prefer a self-guided interaction, as well as those open to working with support experts directly, RIB has introduced the Engage and Collaborate platforms.

SpecLive Engage is a branded specification editor that makes the specification process of identifying the requirements related to each product and transferring them into an active project easier for architects, engineers, and specifiers. Design professionals using this collaborative editor can create project save points, share with other members of their team, and request assistance from the manufacturer.

SpecLive Collaborate is a purpose-built environment that streamlines the complex interactions between spec reps and design professionals. The Cases Dashboard helps representatives track, organize, and respond to requests for assistance, whether they originate through specifications starting from a Revit plugin or a more traditional project created from email. Individual reps can include  project specific language while keeping the requirements within the core guide spec intact.

Using this platform, Schneider Electric will be able to triage thousands of individual projects as they come in, making sure the appropriate representative is available when needed.  Project revisions, best practices, and updated product language are centrally managed while still allowing individual specification representatives to track and layer in the preferences of individual clients. As each project progresses, every comment, question, and revision is available for both Schneider and their clients while still ensuring output is always in a Word format that mimics the original formatting of each respective project.

RIB will be demonstrating the capabilities of this new platform on August 29th in a webinar; “Streamlining Specification Management: Optimizing Collaboration Tools for Enhanced Digital Workflows”. Click here to register to attend the webinar.

Additional information on the SpecLive Product Manufacturer Suite is available at


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