White Paper – How To Complete A Handover On Time, On Budget And On Good Terms

White Paper – How To Complete A Handover On Time, On Budget And On Good Terms

A handover signifies the symbolic transfer of a construction project from its main contractor to its owner or developer’s client. A successful handover will ensure that the recipients are confident that their new asset is ready and safe for use – and that they are able to operate, manage and maintain it with ease.

The width of information required at handover can be significant and for large, complex projects it may constitute thousands of individual documents.

At project completion, the owner will expect to receive guarantees of workmanship, manufacturer warranties, operating and maintenance manuals, as-built drawings, formal testing reports, finalised surveys, and, where relevant, certificates of completion form local authorities.

Because 10% of a handover is about what occurs leading up to the event and 90% is about what comes after it´s in everybody’s interest for the process to be as smooth, accurate, and effortless as possible.

However, the unfortunate truth is that most handovers are costly, time-consuming, and frustrating for everyone involved.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.


In this white paper, we will put forward solutions that:

– Cement, rather than sour, the relationship between contractor and owner.

– Give owners a positive impression if their contractors, thus encouraging repeat business.

– Have a clearly defined process flow housed in a centralized tool or database.

– Are easily managed and allow for global visibility for all stakeholders,

– Have built-in quality controls, and leverage innovation and automation to drive efficiencies from project to project.

– Use library templates for lessons learned and bets practices which are easily accessible for reuse to create a blueprint for continuous improvement.

– Remove all the aggravation and difficulty of trying to find missing information months or even years after a project is finalised.

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