White Paper – Commission Possible: The Challenges Of Quality Assurance And Commissioning And How To Solve Them

Implementing software to manage quality assurance and commissioning can help construction companies streamline their processes, reduce costs, and ensure consistency and accuracy in their programs. But where to start?

As the world of construction moves inexorably towards more eco-friendly and modular building design, green construction practices, sustainable building operations, limiting environmental impact and reducing fuel, energy, and power usage, there is an increasing call for a set of universal rules and standards governing the quality assurance (Qa) and commissioning (Cx) of projects.

“Building commissioning can ensure that a new building begins its life cycle at optimal productivity, and improves the likelihood that the building will maintain this level of performance.” – EDR Commissioning Handbook

Download the white paper and learn more about how to make ‘Commission Possible’.


  • Introduction
  • The four tenets of a successful Commissioning program
  • The challenges
  • The solutions
  • So why invest in Cx Software?
  • 4 ways RIB Connex helps make “Commission Possible”
  • Where to from here?
  • About RIB

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