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How MEP Companies Can Efficiently Leverage Enterprise Level Construction Software

6 August, 2018
4 mins read

MEP Contractors are an integral part of the Construction Industry and impacted by many if not all the same challenges. Maximising market opportunities can be made more difficult by shifts in the regulatory framework, availability of raw materials and a multitude of other factors that have seen Construction Software (Construction & Industrial specific Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software) becoming a ‘must have’ tool rather than a luxury only available to the biggest and most powerful firms. This article looks at how MEP companies can efficiently leverage enterprise level construction software.

The most obvious and immediate benefits are seen in:

  • increased end-to-end visibility of your project status
  • reduced costs and overheads
  • even further reaching are the impacts felt in customer relations (delivering on time and on budget tends to set an MEP contractor head and shoulders above the competition).

Software, such as BuildSmart, is able to integrate MEP specific elements, processes and procedures with resource allocation, project management and all essentials of the end-to-end project, to provide a true overview of the entire operation leading to vastly improved operational efficiency.   Integrated information across all departments enables MEP contractors to gain the best possible productivity and reduce waste (in terms of both physical resources and HR) as well as time.  Unlike manual systems and reporting, BuildSmart is able to provide this information in real time, at any time, enabling the business to adapt and adjust immediately to maximise or maintain margin.

Key Additional Benefits Include:

  • A complete and accurate database of all customers and their historic and future requirements
  • Tracking and notification of required repairs and maintenance of equipment
  • Variations and issues identified immediately to maintain margins
  • Enabling management to make informed decisions based on real time information
  • Drive increased customer satisfaction levels and exceed expected levels of service
  • Improve equipment and resource utilisation across projects
  • Enhanced business planning to meet opportunity and demand
  • Greater profitability and real-time visibility across all phases of MEP management
  • Visibility of individual project and overall resources (e.g: assets, inventory, materials and labor)

Contractors using RIB software feel the benefit of decades of Industry specific research and development.  Using RIB’s Candy and BuildSmart will save you time and, without a doubt, money (not just saving money but enabling your business to generate more). Reducing costs across the board from estimating to hand-over will have an enormous impact on margin.

Ready to efficiently leverage enterprise level construction software?

Having Candy and BuildSmart deployed and integrated in your business will reduce delays due to scheduling challenges and resource allocation by assimilating core project management activities with Resource management, Purchasing, Subcontracting and Plant & Equipment management.  It will also provide clear real-time visibility and control of costs with integrated Budget & Accounting.

Contact us to learn more about how RIB can help your MEP Contracting business.