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Building Better Together: Learning To Look Ahead With RIB

March 11, 2021
3 mins read

BK Gulf is an MEP building services company behind some of the most prestigious developments in the Middle East, a region that in recent years has become known for its cutting-edge architectural projects. Despite successfully creating futuristic landmarks, BK Gulf often found themselves looking backwards when it came to cost control and productivity management.

Traditionally, this would only happen at the end of a project’s lifecycle, by which point it would usually be too late to remedy errors or issues. For this reason, the company wanted to be able to embrace the same forward-thinking approach they used when delivering projects and apply this to complex cost management.

A quick, effective solution was required and because of our unique insight into both the construction industry and integrated software solutions, RIB CCS was selected to partner with BK Gulf and bring their vision to life.

By implementing a combined solution comprised of Candy and BuildSmart construction software the company now enjoys increased efficiency, cost-savings, and real-time reporting and decision-making. Procurement and cost accounting are also two sides of the same coin, seamlessly linked so expenses can be tracked through the approvals process and up-to-date reports can be customised in seconds.

Now, with instant access to real-time business information, reports that used to take BK Gulf ten days are now down to two: reducing audit times significantly, allowing staff to review data in greater detail and not just prepare it, and providing the board with the insights they need 50% faster than before. Overall, the entire reporting process now takes between two to three weeks, instead of six.

Other benefits include the automation of BOQ data capture with Candy Valuations and a systematic shift from a reactive management style to a proactive cost-control culture where potential issues are flagged and dealt with well in advance.

Thanks to our commitment to knowledge transfer, BK Gulf were also able to realise the full potential of their new solution immediately, with Commercial Manager Luke Ashe stating, “We certainly made the right decision for our business by choosing RIB CCS as our business partner.”

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