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The Advantages Of Integrated Construction Software

6 May, 2021
5 mins read

Productivity levels in construction have remained flat for years. Integrated construction software can improve productivity, efficiency, and more. So, what are the advantages of integration construction software?

Built-for-purpose construction software comes in various forms. Using different software solutions for different processes can cause a great deal of confusion to a business. It also results in extra effort and time as you may need to transfer data manually back and forth. On the other hand, integrated construction software enhances efficiency and ensures that you have everything you need in one central place. This transfer of data back and forth or in and out of multiple systems creates a loss of data integrity and begs the question, can you really trust the data?

If you are looking for the right software solutions for your construction business, you will need to make integration a priority.

Understanding Integrated Construction Software

The various processes involved in construction require different tools and solutions. A fully integrated construction management system takes all of these different elements and packages them into a single solution. This lets teams use one unified system for better results.

Integrated software means that each system is fully compatible with the others. As a result, all of your data is connected across all systems.

Why is Integration Important in Construction Software?

There are different steps and stages of a construction project. Each part involves important data that you need to trace. If your systems aren’t properly integrated, then you will have disconnected data. This increases the risk of inaccuracies and errors during the life cycle of the project.

For example, your team could be accessing different versions of documents and data during a project. This will lead to mixed outcomes, which results in project managers making badly informed decisions.

Integration offers a more complete solution with more reliable data and in turn more meaningful decision-making.

Effective construction software integration utilises a single platform to manage all processes of the business. This includes things like procurement, enterprise accounting, subcontract management, plant and equipment management, inventory management, payroll and cost reporting.

It keeps all departments on the same page without any information mix-ups and discrepancies.

Benefits of Integrated Construction Software

Integrated software solutions should be a necessity for any construction business as they offer significant benefits to projects.

Here are some of the main construction software benefits when using an integrated system.

Greater Efficiency

Teams can work with far greater efficiency when their software is integrated. All platforms will work with each other, share relevant data, and stay on the same page.

Having data that is synced across all platforms allows for one time entry of your data. This saves a lot of time, adds an element of automation and minimises potential errors. Reducing time-consuming manual processes results in a faster and more efficient workflow.


Project teams can all gain access to the same data anytime and anywhere. With synchronized, integrated systems, access is controlled through user-access rights aligned to the user’s role in the business.

Integrated systems allow everyone to see the most up-to-date versions of project data and details. This ensures that everyone is on the same page, at all times. Cloud-based software systems allow for greater accessibility for widespread or remote teams.


Consistent, synchronized information and easy access to data results in better collaboration. When teams all use integrated software to work from, it improves collaboration. This is because everyone can access the same information and easily share insights and solutions. This leads to better teamwork and the breaking down of silos.

Better Decisions

Project and management teams can make better decisions with integrated software. Decisions are then data-driven based on real-time, accurate data.


Using an integrated software solution enhances efficiency, productivity and the availability real-time information while allowing you to streamline your processes while enabling your ability to affect change when and where required, thereby mitigating risk. With the availability of enhanced cost and schedule performance information in an integrated system, you can be sure of driving better financial returns while lowering volatility.