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How Much Does Construction Software Cost And How To Achieve Results Fast

1 August, 2018
5 mins read

The cost of construction software is going to depend on what you are able and willing to invest.  Very much like any other significant purchases, the options available are vast and varied in terms of quality and effectiveness as well as value for money.  The very best products that deliver exceptional ROI are going to cost you more money but, as with many things in life, you get what you pay for.  So rather than focus on which one to buy, in this article we are looking at how to get the most out of the best one your business can afford.

What does success look like?

You will need to map out what you want your product to deliver for you so that you can assess whether or not it really does.  The simplest way to apply this to your chosen software is to identify the gaps between what the salesman has promised you and your current process and systems and to what degree they should be improved.  This might be measured in time (such as processes involving spreadsheets and manual collation) or in cost (such as in utilization of resources and the associated savings in monetary terms).  Consider the example of invoicing and the process from being issued and approved to payments being received as this combines both elements of time and money.

Organise Your Coding Structure

As a construction professional, you will be very aware of the importance of planning ahead.  Use the event of new software implementation to adopt a standard code structure for all your departments, jobs and functions.  This will allow you to gain the maximum benefit from the integrated functions your new software will provide in both business insights and reporting

Carry out a Data Cleanse

It is a fresh start in many ways so why migrate old or obsolete data?  Look at where you might have duplicate entries or legacy data that is no longer required (perhaps old staff information that will no longer be of any use to you or you may even identify old certifications or licensing that require renewals).  Consider archiving items such as these and begin the new streamlined efficient processes without the potential for process errors caused by incorrect or obsolete information

Create a Schedule with Milestones

Why treat this project (software implementation) any differently than the way you treat all your projects?  Plan its progress and deliverables and measure against that schedule and its milestones.  Appoint either a person or a team to manage the project and to liaise with the appointed project manager from the provider.   Make them accountable and responsible to deliver on time and on budget (start as you mean to go on).

Update and Improve Procedures

You are just about to embed a very powerful tool to manage and integrate your departments, processes and procedures.  So why not take the opportunity to streamline the processes as well and not just the reporting of them.

Investment not Cost

To get the very best out of your new software, allocate the right budget for training.  Talk in terms of investment and ROI rather than expense and time.  Keep the outlook and focus on the positive and what can be achieved and delivered by effectively using the new tools as swiftly as possible.  Negativity and fear or resistance to change can be a drain on morale and can risk profitability from delays and create real roadblocks to a smooth transition.

You will be making a positive change that can have an exponential impact on profitability and the associated benefits of job security.  Keep the message constant and positive and create an atmosphere of embracing change throughout the organisation.  If everyone has skin in the game and understands how it will benefit all, you are on track for a fast and effective implementation.


Above all else, don’t be afraid to ask any and all questions that come to mind when reviewing the choices on offer.  The best construction software providers will be expecting this and have fielded them all.  They may well have embedded changes and enhancements to their product offering to cater for your concerns, on top of those already raised by the world’s leading construction businesses.

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