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Why You Should Be Using Specialised Construction Estimating Software Over Spreadsheets Like Excel

18 May, 2021
5 mins read

Almost 90% of all spreadsheets have errors. Can you afford those costly mistakes?

During the construction bidding process, coming up with accurate cost estimates is essential. But, when you calculate these through a manual spreadsheet, you leave yourself open to more errors and mistakes. An effective way around this is to use construction estimating software.

Not only can using this software help you to eliminate the risk of mistakes but it also helps to centralise and conform your valuable IP. If this sounds good to you (and it should), read on to find out more about why you should step into the future with specialised estimating software. in a new tab)

Construction Estimating Software vs Excel – Which Is Better?

If you want to win more bids and eliminate costly errors, then it’s time to turn towards specialised construction estimating software.

Here are some key reasons why specialised construction estimating software is the smarter choice:

Data Input

One of the biggest issues with using software like Excel is the risk of inputting incorrect data. No matter how well trained and experienced you are, there is always the opportunity for human error. Putting in even the most minor inaccuracy could result in a major issue. An incorrect figure can throw your entire bid off!

With construction estimating software like Candy, you can rest easy knowing that input errors can easily and rapidly be identified, and your imbedded calculations are accurate. You can also easily update your data and your calculations. Accurate data input and calculations are key to compiling winning estimates!

Collaboration and Standardisation

Keeping everybody on the same page can be a real challenge when using Excel. All spreadsheets are developed and function differently, resulting in more wasted time and effort to familiarise oneself with the inputs, outputs and workings. This means that working on a platform like Excel will come with a lot of back and forth between team members to keep track of any changes, updates, and the project as a whole.

Construction estimating software provides a much easier approach for collaboration and teamwork. With Candy, your team only needs to be trained on one application and not concern themselves with any inner workings to focus on the job at hand. People can also access the cloud-based software remotely so they can edit it at anytime from anywhere. This helps to make the whole project more efficient.

Data and IP Management

Construction estimating software can better handle more robust data sets. With decades of industry experience, Candy for example, has been specially designed to inherently compute and analyse construction specific data based on best and trending industry practices.


If you use software designed specifically for construction estimating, it will have many valuable features and functions to help optimise your workload. Software, like Excel, that isn’t actually designed for construction use is not backed by professionals in the industry. It just doesn’t understand the needs of stakeholders in construction.

Having software designed by the right people guarantees you better functionality. Not only do you get more accurate estimates, but you will find other helpful features like project organisation, tailored markup distribution, reporting and more!

The Future is here and it’s time to get on board

Avoid costly errors that can occur through generic spreadsheet applications such as Excel and use industry-specific software to get the job done right. Candy is a dedicated construction estimating & project management software that will allow you to achieve far more accurate results with less effort and more speed. You can win more bids, improve the efficiency of your work, and achieve more competitive end-results!