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5 Things To Consider When Choosing Construction Estimating Software

December 20, 2021
6 mins read

Choosing the right construction estimation software is an important decision for any construction company. There are many different solutions out there, each with its own unique functions and features. How do you know which one is best for your business?

Different estimation software options will influence the way you operate. The software you choose can also impact your bottom line significantly. As such, choosing a solution is an important decision.

Follow this guide to help you understand which features and considerations are most important when choosing estimation software.

5 Features to Look for in Construction Estimating Software

Before you pick a software solution, make sure to consider these five things.

1. Cloud-Based Platform

When choosing estimating software, you have two options. You can either get a desktop solution design for office spaces or you can get a cloud-based platform. Cloud-based estimation software is superior for a couple of reasons.

First of all, cloud-based platforms give you the flexibility to work anywhere. You can work remotely and access the data wherever you are. This makes it easier to work on a project and it makes the data far more readily available.

By having easily accessible data, teams can also collaborate and work on a project simultaneously with ease. Thus, projects become far more efficient.

In addition, cloud-based construction estimating software makes it easier for your business to scale. With a cloud-based solution, you can adapt to sudden growth much more easily. You won’t have to worry about purchasing additional infrastructure or equipment to handle your business’s growth.

2. Integration

Construction estimating software won’t be the only digital tool your organisation is using. You will likely also have software for project management, accounting, and many other business processes.

In order to maximize the value of each platform and improve your operations, your estimation software should be able to fully integrate with the other tools you’re already using.

If you are manually transferring data between your different software solutions, you can waste hours of time. With an integrated system, however, you can seamlessly transfer data and access insights in a matter of minutes. This will save a lot of time, protect your data integrity and make the work significantly easier.

Integration is especially important for construction estimating software because your estimates play a big role in many other business processes.

3. Range of Functions

There are various construction estimating solutions out there, each one with its own set of features and functions. Ideally, you want to use software that offers as many features as your business needs in a single platform.

Instead of using a solution that only offers basic estimation capabilities, you should look for a solution with additional benefits.

This could include things like estimations as well as:

  • quantity take-offs
  • planning and scheduling functions
  • forecasting capabilities
  • cash flow and valuations tools
  • subcontractor management modules
  • master templates, and more.

A solution like Candy offers all these features in a single platform either on-premises or in the cloud platform. This way, you only need to acquire one software solution for all your processes.

4. Support

Adopting new digital solutions can be a tricky process. No matter how user-friendly the software is, there is always a learning curve in taking on new systems. It can also be difficult to figure out how to integrate new solutions into your existing operations. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to understand what kind of technical support the software offers.

Having an attentive support network on call when you need them can make a major difference to your digitisation process.

5. Cost

Taking on new software solutions can be a big step for any business. It’s important to choose estimation software that has a pricing structure that works for your organisation. It doesn’t matter how good the software is if your business can’t afford to pay for it.

Some cloud-based solutions have a per-seat pricing model while others use a fixed rate for unlimited use.

So, when choosing the right solution, you need to understand how many users will be using the platform and what kind of growth rates your business requires. This will help guide your decision.


Choosing the right construction estimating software will make a big difference to your business. This software is essential for operating efficiently, maximizing your profits, and keeping construction projects on track.

There are many different options available though. As such, it’s important to choose one that matches the needs of your business.

Candy is a powerful software solution that offers estimating, planning, and project cost control features. With a wide range of benefits and a low cost of activation and membership, Candy offers one of the smartest estimating solutions for any construction business.

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