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Building Better Together: Calculating costs Correctly With RIB Software

16 March, 2021
3 mins read

Managing subcontractor costs and calculating costs correctly are perennial challenges in the construction sector and one that companies need to address, as these expenses can be the single biggest contributor to project expenditure. That’s the position that Tri-Star Construction found themselves in as they looked to expand their business further.

Focusing on commercial, retail and residential developments; the company had enjoyed significant growth over the years, however, they had also reached a point where they needed a real-time cost management solution to accurately scale with and help grow their organisation.

RIB was then tasked to help Tri-Star Construction communicate more effectively, with their geographically dispersed project sites, and to establish a culture of up-to-the-minute cost management.

In the same way that they needed to determine what was happening with their expenditure, through the rollout of construction software for subcontractors; RIB needed to understand how their existing ERP system functioned and where improvements could be made. Through a thorough audit, RIB Candy and RIB BuildSmart were identified as the perfect combined solution to align their processes and increase their capacity to monitor projects; while managing construction procurement, inventory and materials costing.

Now, the executive team at Tri-Star Construction are the first to know what’s happening across every project with real-time access to costs and seamless reporting between construction sites and head office. The result: informed decision-making with no lag. By engaging with RIB Software, they have gained true visibility into every aspect of their operations and complete clarity when it comes to what they’re paying, to whom, why and when.

We’re delighted to have been able to contribute to the ongoing success of Tri-Star Construction and they appear to feel the same way about their software, with Financial Director Pieter Swanepoel singing the praises of their solution: “We simply can’t operate efficiently without this system. RIB Software is a necessity, not a luxury”.