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What Is The Best Software For Building Contractors

6 August, 2018
4 mins read

So, what is the best software for building contractors?

Throughout recorded history, construction has been a formidable industry.  Construction that stands the test of time is generally at the forefront of technological development (we marvel at how some of the first suspension bridges could have been built with the tools and technology of the time and the discussion surrounding the building of the Pyramids in Egypt remains a mystery).  Today, technology, tools and machinery have advanced beyond the wildest imagination of our forefathers and modern construction firms find new and innovative ways to use land (or as seen with the construction of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, UAE, even where no land is available) in incredible ways.

Not completely new but definitely a far more integral part of the modern construction world is money.  The sheer amount of investment going into construction projects is huge although intense competition from both global and local contractors has led to margins being far tighter.

One of the technological advances that address the problems and issues around finance and margins is through Construction Software.  Software that helps manages projects throughout their lifespan from start to finish.

Software that can:

  • identify variations as or before they happen
  • identify cost over-runs through deep analysis of raw material and resources fluctuations whilst managing plant, equipment and labour across projects to make sure they are most efficiently utilized

These examples barely scratch the surface of the true power of Construction Software and the market leading building and construction companies will testify, Construction Software in the modern environment is essential.

There are many versions available, some basic, some exceptional and some that deliver beyond your wildest expectations. So let’s answer the burning question.

The best software for building contractors will:

  • Balance multiple jobs and provide the “big picture” view across your complete portfolio
  • Create summary data and reporting on project status and risks
  • Protect your margin by identifying, mitigating or eliminating errors, inefficiencies, inaccuracies and redundancies
  • Replace and supersede a vast array of individual departmental proprietary outdated inefficient software
  • Eradicate duplicated data and work between departments and systems
  • Eliminate many mistakes from miscommunication, out-of-date documents and the inability to access information immediately
  • Provide a systematic and methodical platform to improve client communication, data entry, process management and information retrieval

If, as you read this, you thought “We could really use all those things.”, then you know construction software is right for you.  The question of which service provider, will come down to whether you want all of this and more?  Or is a potted version that achieves some of these deliverables sufficient for you?

Rest assured you aren’t the first person to be facing this dilemma and won’t be the last.  The true answer is whether you want and can get the very best.

Contact RIB and let us demonstrate exactly what Candy and CCS BuildSmart can do for you.