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The Top 9 Benefits Of Construction Software

June 21, 2018
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The top construction businesses around the globe have embraced the technology of Construction Software to maximise their profitability and efficiency. Here are the top nine features and benefits of Construction Software that you will want to have.

Cost Projection

Successfully delivering construction projects within the critical factors of time and budget relies on being in control of costs and performance management. Construction Software fully integrates all aspects of a project from estimating right through to handover and provides access to detailed reports and analytics at any stage.

Management of Subcontractors

One of the key components offered by Construction Software is in providing supply chain management solution. This will cover tenders, quotes, job allocation and full invoicing (factoring the specific requirements of milestone reporting, completion certificates and payments/invoicing).

Billing and Valuations

Construction Software mitigates risk and manages both cost and time by intuitively constructing valuations and cost reports relevant to the Cost Value Reconciliation process. This helps manage cash flow and variation claims by providing a financial overview of cost and progress on demand.

Architectural Engineering and Construction – Professional Services

As with any business that utilises professionals that charge by time, accurate costing and charging out is essential. Construction Software tracks these costs and charges in real time and the Project/Cost ledger will be updated automatically.

Financial Operations (FinOps) Management

Business intelligence is fully up to date and available for reporting on all operational and financial aspects and at company and project level. This is pivotal in today’s modern business environment where management and investors need to be fully appraised of the status at any given time whilst allowing companies to manage and adapt to obstacles and challenges effectively and without unwelcome hidden surprises.

Plant Management

Getting the most effective use of resources, whether rented or owned is essential in cost efficiency. Construction Software allows for all equipment to be tracked and reported by resource type, current location and cost (charge rate) to plan and forecast its best utilisation.

Document Management

Effective software will record document revisions, check out and check in whilst keeping track of ‘un-published’ versions. This prevents amended or revised documents from being available or visible until approved as well as being able to track who has read any revisions that have been released. The system will also ensure all documents are correctly filed in the appropriate locations and can be accessed and grouped or sorted by department, project, area or any other relevant criteria.

Remote Access and Updating

As a web based platform, critical and time saving elements can be accessed and utilised by authorised users anywhere and at any time. This could be as simple as updating contacts right through to updating progress, variations or delays from the field as it happens.


Having comprehensive Business Intelligence helps manage a vast array of compliance issues. From simple integration with your CRM through to document management and reporting. By recording and grouping correspondence and communication by individual or project (or even specific issues), all the information and documentation you need will be available to the right people in the right format.

Summarizing the benefits of construction software

In truth, these nine highlights barely scratch the surface of what Construction Software can do for you. Contact a market leading software provider (one who specialises in the construction industry) and they will be able to provide a demo of the full capabilities of these systems and give you a real taste of the future of construction and project management.

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