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How To Get Your Team To Adopt New Construction Management Software

February 11, 2020
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Change in any organisation can be difficult, especially in the construction industry where legacy procedures still dominate. When migrating to a new construction management software, change can be particularly tough even if the product promises to help the team be infinitely more productive. So how do you make the change and achieve buy-in from your team? Here are 5 tips exploring how to get your team to adopt new construction management software.

Choose the software wisely

Firstly, you must choose a product that is going to make a positive impact on the business as a whole. Your management team should review the challenges your business is facing in the market and pick a product that best alleviates these problems. A good construction software company should have the ability to understand these challenges and how their software provides the right solution. Most importantly, they should be able to demonstrate this with live examples.Making a move like this can potentially cause a level of disruption in the business. It is vital that you choose a partner that will offer you the best chance of success. A company that has a detailed implementation strategy, along with actions on how to achieve this plan within committed timelines. They should be able to show how they have implemented these roadmaps before, what challenges arose and how they dealt with them. By doing this you will be able to build a business case around the benefits the software will bring, allowing you to offset them against the incidental disruption that may take place.

Embracing change with the use of cultural influencers

That the construction industry lags behind other industries in the adoption of new technologies is well known. One of the main challenges when it comes to adopting a new software, is user acceptance. By embracing the cultural heroes in your organisation, and allowing them to positively influence their peers, you can roll the solution out with improved acceptance. Choose your product champions and train them well. Make sure they fully understand the benefits of the software and the positive impact it will make on the organisation as a whole. If your influencers buy-in to the change, chances are their peers will follow suit.

Train your team

When embracing change, in particular digital change, it is vital that your team receive the necessary training and support. If the team are empowered with the confidence to use and become experts on the new software, they won’t look back.

Create a feedback friendly environmen

One of the most important considerations in embracing a new technology is to collect and analyse user feedback. Your organisation needs to provide an open forum that allows team members to give honest, constructive, valuable feedback about the software solution. This shows that you are not forcing a product on them, you are actually interested in making an investment that improves the operational quality of the business, helps the users drive the processes and accelerates the growth of the business.


When choosing a construction software solution, choose one that offers a robust support platform and network. This will provide your users with a forum to raise queries, find solutions to technical issues and continually learn from the system. Make sure to check with the provider on their support capabilities and, if possible, try to check in with peers in the market to ensure that what is promised, is actually delivered.

Hopefully, through the adoption of these 5 processes, you will be able to migrate to a system that will give your business the tools to grow. Digitization is already happening in the construction industry, and rapidly, with change management a key driver in ensuring new technologies are implemented swiftly and efficiently.

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