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Enhance Your Estimating Efficiency With Construction Take-Off Software

December 21, 2021
6 mins read

Accurate and efficient estimates are key to a successful construction project. As such, it’s crucial to develop detailed and highly accurate take-offs. Proper construction take-off software significantly enhances this entire process.

With the right tools, contractors can create faster and more accurate bids and improve the way projects are managed. As a result, construction companies can maximize their profits with each construction job.

Here is a breakdown of how construction take-off software improves estimating efficiency.

The Importance of Construction Estimating

Construction estimation forms the basis for any construction project. Before a project can begin, construction managers need to know how much a project will cost. This enables them to plan the budget effectively and create an accurate bid.

Construction estimates rely on take-offs, which are measures of the quantities of materials and labour for a project. This enables contractors to accurately estimate how much it will cost to complete the project.

Accuracy is critical here. Without accurate construction take-offs and estimation, all kinds of issues can arise. The project can easily run over budget and over time. Or you can end up with too many materials and have excess waste.

Thus, accurate estimates are vital for the proper planning of a construction project. It enables contractors to submit better bids, thereby gaining a competitive edge over other contractors. In addition, it helps them maintain a good bottom line for each project.

How Construction Take-Off Software enhances the Estimating process

Using take-off software is necessary for efficient and accurate estimates. As a construction manager, your take-off software is one of the most important tools you have available.

Here are a few ways that this technology enhances the estimating process.

Automation and Accuracy

If estimators work manually, they have to determine the exact quantities of a project based on the blueprints or design documents. Not only is this incredibly time-consuming, but it also leaves a lot of room open for error.

No matter how experienced an estimator is, there is always the risk of a simple human error. And when it comes to construction take-offs, even the smallest mistake can have a dramatic effect.

By using construction take-off software, estimators can automate this process. The software can automatically generate a list of materials and quantities based on digital blueprints. This saves huge amounts of time, and it ensures complete accuracy.

Quantity takeoffs can also eliminate errors by using measurements that are extracted directly from the computer-aided design (CAD) quantity properties. The measurements can be superimposed onto various CAD revisions, highlighting under- and over-measurements.

A Simplified Process

Manual estimations are complex. There are various different formulas and estimators need to carefully recheck all their work to ensure it is free from errors. Thus, estimators need to be highly skilled and experienced.

Construction take-off software completely simplifies this process. The software automatically calculates quantities and has built-in formulas to use. As a result, you can create accurate estimations faster and with more ease.

Greater Flexibility

Construction take-offs often go through a couple of changes before the client accepts the bid and the project can begin. Manually changing estimates is an incredibly time-consuming process.

With construction take-off software, you can easily adjust estimates as needed. All it takes is a few clicks and your estimate will be updated.

Key Take-Off Technologies

Combining construction take-offs with other functions helps to enhance and streamline various project processes. Here are two key technologies that should be integrated with your take-off solution.

Data Integration

Take-off technology like Candy combines estimating, planning, and on-site control into one central platform. It links the Bill of Quantity with your construction schedule for better project management. This saves you from having to re-enter this type of data on different platforms or systems. As a result, it saves time and vastly improves accuracy.

In addition, if you use a cloud-based solution, like Candy Cloud, you can ensure that all stakeholders have access to project information at all times.


Reporting tools are necessary during a project to help contractors make informed decisions. These tools use data from construction take-offs to create accurate and insightful reports. Construction managers can use these reports to make smart, data-backed decisions.


Construction managers need to be completely accurate when developing take-offs. Nothing adds more value to a project than accurate estimations, and this can be enhanced with the use of the right software.

The best take-off technologies, like Candy,  involve various features, such as estimating, quantity take-offs, reporting and more. By keeping these processes digital, contractors will be able to vastly improve their estimation efficiency and project success.