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Since 2003, the e-tendering platform from RIB Software SE has been the tried-and-tested solution for states, municipalities, groups and the housing industry. With over 500 awarding offices and 82,000 bidders, this solution is thus one of the leading platforms in Germany.


RIB iTWO e-tendering public

RIB iTWO e-Vergabe public


With a completely integrated process – from the very start, through evaluation, to awarding – the RIB Software e-tendering platform is one of the leading e-tendering solutions. The states of Berlin, Bavaria and Schleswig-Holstein as well as the municipalities of Stuttgart, Hanover, Wuppertal, Augsburg, Ingolstadt, Kassel and Göttingen publish daily up to 800 public contracts for construction, supply and services from all federal states via RIB iTWO e-tendering public.

Advantages for you

Advantages for the client
  • Clear reduction in the effort of putting together tendering documents and subsequent offer evaluation
  • High cost and time savings when re-edited tendering documents have to be supplied to the bidders
  • Increased process security and acceleration of the entire tendering process
  • Evidenced, documented processes, laid down in electronic tendering folders
  • High security standards in opening and evaluating the offers
  • Transparent offer contents and tendering recommendations are gained
Advantages for the bidder
  • Simple, targeted offer processing
  • Assistance functions ensure that all required bidder information can be recorded
  • Reduction of rejection risk
  • Free download of tendering documents
  • Optimization of the submission date – shortly before opening deadline
  • All bidders can see the submission result online shortly after opening


The success of e-tendering is in the fact that all awards are fulfilled on the basis laid down by state and federation. The magic word is synergy. Through competent support from our partners TSI and RIB, who also offer us the possibility of active networking with numerous official clients across Germany, we are always able to fully exploit the strengths of “genuine” e-tendering.

Gisela Karl, Building Officer, Bavarian State Ministry for Living, Construction and Transport

The bidder client ava-sign has particular appeal for bidders through its completeness checks, integration of GAEB standards and the implementation of Excel bills of quantities.

Lars Ohse, Head of Procurement, GMSH




Winner of the Bavarian e-government prize 2011


The Bavarian State Ministry for Living, Construction and Transport and the company RIB Software SE are represented in the nation-wide committees and task forces created for e-government (the “electronic tendering in public structural engineering” project group of the Conference of Construction Ministers, the xVergabe (tendering) project group and the xBekanntmachung (publication) project group) Their shared goal: The tendering platform, “”, is to be integrated long-term in the German and European development of e-government and always kept up-to-date; experiences should be shared across borders. The goal of the Bavarian State Building Authority is to link EDV applications currently in use and those of the future and – as far as possible through open interfaces – to link them to the “” tendering platform.




Building Management Schleswig-Holstein AöR (GMSH), as a central service provider in the state for construction, administration and procurement, went live in 2011 on a state and federal level with its electronic tendering platform by RIB Software SE. In September 2010, the Stuttgart-based technology company RIB was awarded GMSH’s contract, after a tendering process and extensive evaluation, to create the e-tendering platform. The platform was brought onto the market by GMSH according to plan on September 28, 2011. With the assumption of live operations by Schleswig-Holstein, now three German states carry out tendering processes on the RIB platform.


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RIB client list

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