iTWO offers you expedient cost transparency for all participants. In this way, you gain the necessary decision-making security and minimize the economic risk in every project phase.

  • You are responsible for a property project and have to create room programs and determine object costs
  • You are working on your own projects or on behalf of your partners as an architect, planner, engineer or project manager
  • You are responsible as general contractor and client for costs, revenues, contribution margins and liquidity
  • You estimate costs, e.g. to DIN 276, disciplines, payers or other criteria using a BIM 3D building model
  • You need detailed cost management for highway engineering to AKVS
  • You create project budgets and want to compare them constantly with your forecasts
  • You determine quantities or prices for detailed cost calculations or cost documentation, e.g. to DIN 276, AKVS, NKFs for support schemes
  • You want to create knowledge banks in the form of price databases
  • You need permanent key cost figures for you projects
Cost planning

The highly flexible elemental costing by key figures, DIN 2076 or a freely defined cost structure supports both classical 2D planning and model-based BIM 5D working methods. The integrated element method allows cost planning “from large to small scale” with the best level of detail in each case. States of planning can be stored in the project as alternatives and compared with each other. You can assign your cost planning in detailed or generalized form to the schedule and thus align it along the time axis.

Room book

For the room program, object description with service program and space determination to DIN 277 or II. BV (second German calculation ordnance) the flexible, room-related element planning with cost elements and work items is ideal. In this way you can create directly space-related BoQs from “element planning”.

Cost control

Alongside BoQ-based award units or cost elements, iTWO allows you to create any cost control units (CCUs) you wish, and to budget them and bill them in the course of the project. Costing approaches, award sums and budget frameworks can be compared. Here, budget caps, extrapolation of budgets and the distribution of residual budgets are also available. Project cost projections and forecasts are automatically determined from the database and can be represented based on any desired sort criteria.

AKVS cost planning in all project phases


The added value of iTWO AKVS:

  • AVA is completely integrated
  • Elemental costing AKVS can be individually combined within the project
  • Organizational structures (workflows)
  • Multi-stage approval at various times
  • Integration of the standard service catalog (STLK)
  • Structuring to specialist / component- oriented perspectives (BIM-5D)
  • Cost comparisons possible after completion in real time
  • Determination of the actual costs

The instructions on elemental costing and the appraisal of highway engineering measures (AKVS 2014) issued by the Federal Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) in 2014 aid in the establishment of elemental costing, cost adjustment and cost review in all phases of highway engineering projects. Cost management includes all measures involving elemental costing, cost adjustment and cost reviews, as well as estimates and cost updates for highway engineering measures throughout the entire planning and construction process. iTWO allows all stages of elemental costing and detailed cost management to AKVS to take place continuously throughout a project.


Model-based cost controlling

The integration of 3D geometric models from nearly all CAD systems is the core of model-based project management: BIM 5D. All trades and specialist disciplines can be optimally coordinated. A rapid 3D viewer to view the iTWO project model makes alphanumerical connections comprehensible in plastic form on the screen at any time. Potential errors of adjustment and planning collisions can thus be discovered early on.


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  • Cost planning in all service phases on the basis of cost elements
  • Versions, alternatives and cost comparisons
  • Model-oriented object and cost planning (if iTWO 5D package present)
  • Project management and cost controlling incl. management of cost control units (CCUs)
  • Monitoring of building contracts and key figure formation
  • Room information system / object book
  • Price database by work item
  • Item and price research
  • Budget determination and management
  • Managing opportunities and risks
  • Cost planning over the time axis



RIB iTWO COST PLANNING / AKVS leaves little to be desired in terms of integration.
Mehrwert und Vorteile für Sie
  • Neueste Software-Ergonomie und -Technologie (z.B. Ribbon-Bars, Docking-Bars) steigern Effizienz und Bedienungskomfort: Windows 10, 64-Bit-Design, Office-2016-Kompatibilität
  • Rollen-/nutzerbezogene Profilierung der Software
  • Aufgabenbezogenes Workflow-Konzept
  • KOSTENPLANUNG mit RIB iTWO ist stufenlos erweiterbar und integriert Themen wie ERP-Integration oder e-Vergabe bereits heute
  • Komplette modellbasierte visuelle Unterstützung des Planungs- und Bauprozesses möglich
  • Über 100 Entwickler sorgen für eine dynamische Weiterentwicklung: Ihre Investition ist damit langfristig gesichert

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