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2D FEM - slab design including base plates

New Features of RTslab

The new version of the FEM structural slab design software includes adaptations to European standards, e.g. extensions for punching shear check, adaptations to Windows®8 and an improved user interface, as well as a large number of new and helpful functions which were requested by RTslab users and now provide even better support for application in the practice. The integrated punching shear check was integrated with a direct transfer to the manufacturer software of the companies Schöck and HALFEN.

The following new features are available:

  • For saved files, a thumbnail of the layout is displayed for a better overview
  • A variable load can be assigned to a service load category
  • The specification of the reinforcement direction for the bending design can now be between 0° and 360°
  • The interface for transferring the reinforcement to Allplan NEMETSCHEK has been updated and now also extended for transferring the shear reinforcement
  • The superpositions have been expanded using the quasi-permanent combination. The corresponding results may be displayed
  • New dialog for configuring the shear design, e.g. entering the minimum shear reinforcement or the strut inclination 
  • Specification of a shear joint in relation to the upper edge of the slab cross-section, e.g. required specifications regarding the joint surface for a precast deck panel with parameters such as the joint surface quality, reinforcement inclination and steel grade. The resultant additions can be displayed as isolines or numerical values.
  • Extension of isoline legend by load case specification
  • The setting of the plot output now also includes isolines and line results. This feature allows to print the window either to scale or in full format, depending on the settings
  • The data from the load transfer can now be deleted using the menu "Extras"
  • It is now possible to calculate beams that extend beyond the slab and are additionally supported or cantilevered to determine their internal forces
  • Glass-fibre reinforced plastic reinforcement (GRP reinforcement) is now also available
  • The change notifications are now also available in English
  • The zoom function now works by using the mouse pointer. In addition, the image section can be dragged while keeping the mouse wheel pressed (panning)
  • Runs under Windows®8

Customers with a software service contract can already download and update their RTslab FEM building panel from our public download.

Overview & Benefits

  • Reinforced concrete design according to DIN, EN with national annexes for DE, AT, SK/CZ and UK
  • Simple 2D designs for pan slabs, walls, supports and openings as well as point-loads, line loads and area loads on grids, on axes and in dialogue
  • Integration of beams for realistic stiffness and consideration of an elastic bedding
  • Visualization of plate geometry and load
  • High-performance FE solution with field-by-field loading and automatic superposition of load cases and reinforcement values
  • Element formulation for thin and thick plates
  • Automatic bending and shear design of slabs
  • Punching shear check and automatic design calculations on the edge of walls and supports
  • Result preview for deformations, support reactions, beam and plate internal forces as well as reinforcement steel values (As)
  • Result display using isolines with freely adjustable contour lines
  • Automatic generation of the complete results list including diagrams and graphics
Benefits of RTslab

The application of Rtslab particularly provides the following advantages:

  • fast familiarisation because of learning wizzard and extraordinarily simple application//handling with complete undo/redo
  • toolbar adapts to the working habit of the user
  • powerful calculation and design with the FEM system TRIMAS® in the background
  • modification and subsequent calculation with complete output of the results is made by pushing a button
  • clear preview of the result list and freely configurable result output

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