BEST Steel column

BEST Option steel column for standard cross-sections


  • Verification according to DIN and EN with national annexes for DE, AT, SK/CZ and UK
  • Determination of the pre-deformation affine to the buckling figure for each load combination
  • Calculation according to linear and non-linear theories, taking into account imperfections
  • Analysis EE (elastic-elastic) and EP (elastic-plastic) for biaxial bending with normal force
  • Stability analysis for flexural buckling as well as lateral torsional buckling for each load combination
  • Welded and rolled profiles for I-section and rectangular as well as tubular sections
  • Automatic generation of load combinations
  • User-defined grading of column cross-sections
  • Rigid or elastic supports with consideration of attached hinged columns
  • Possibility of program configuration and language selection
  • Simple and clear evaluation of results for minimum list, short list, long list and detailed list
  • Preview function with graphic-interactive configuration and filtering options


Benefits of BEST Steel column

    BEST steel column is a multifunctional structural analysis program which offers the following advantages:

    • Modern interface with ribbon bar, quick access bar & property grid with an overview at a glance
    • Design according to DIN 18800 supports the "Refurbishment"
    • Well-arranged work environment and program control with graphs and sensitive elements and dimension lines
    • Quick and efficient familiarization with online help + manuals
    • Well-arranged program control and configuration as well as separate language selection for the input and output
    • Use of templates for office, user and project specific settings

    BEST Steel column SCREENSHOTS

    Cover Picture: RIB Software SE, Stefan Kimmich

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