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Reinforced Concrete Column

BEST – Option Reinforced concrete column

The program FUNDA for foundations and the program BEST for column design of RIB are proven basic applications in our office. In addition to the well-known good quality of the results, the new operation and the clear and designable printout are convincing. We are glad to use the effective load transfer from BESTf or foundations. We have been using BEST successfully for more than 30 years and have accompanied the development with pleasure.

Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Jenisch, Lauterbach 


New features of BEST reinforced concrete column

BEST innovations at a glance

  • Output of results via new utility program RTreport
  • Optional output as a minimal list, short list or detailed output
  • New interface with ribbon, quick access toolbar & properties tables
  • Ergonomic and efficient user interface
  • Program configuration and separate language selection for input and output
  • Storage of user-defined program-templates
  • Design in compliance with EN according to national annexes for DE, AT, SK/CZ and UK
  • Enhanced revision of the result list
  • Enhancement of fire protection design/fire design
  • Separately configurable output list

New program functions

  • Automatic load combination
  • Expansion of load transfer to FUNDA for foundation design and soil static analyses
  • Automatic generation of the permanent loading combination for creep deformations
  • Determination of elastic end-restraints for foundations and beams
  • Consideration of several erecting states
  • Design for regular, extraordinary and earthquake situations is carried out within the calculation run
  • New revised result list incl. load case protocol

Extension fire protection and fire design

  • Tabular fire protection now according to DIN EN 1992-1-2, eq. 5.7
  • Extended zone method now on the rasterised cross-section
  • Consideration of multi-sectional corner reinforcements
  • Consideration of building humidity
  • Flexible input of fire duration
  • Consideration of insulation plaster thickness
  • Extension for user-defined fire resistance duration and cross-sectional dimensions

New Option BEST for steel supports

  • More information on the verifications for 3D steel supports can be found > here



  • Reinforced concrete design in compliance with DIN, EN according to national annexes for DE, AT, SK/CZ and UK
  • Calculation according to linear and non-linear theories, considering effective stiffnesses in the cracked state
  • Biaxial bending design with normal force and shear
  • Standard cross section for rectangular, U, H, circular and ring-shaped elements
  • Option fire design with consideration of thermal deformations for reinforced concrete columns
  • Option for haunched, polygonal cross-sections, centric prestressing and user-defined material characteristics
  • Automatic generation of load combinations
  • Consideration of different erecting states
  • Reinforcement grading, easy to create reinforcement drawing
  • Predeformation affine to the buckled shape or in a skewed shape
  • Taking creep deformations into account
  • Rigid or elastic supports
  • Option of configuring the program and setting different languages DE, UK & CZ for the input and output list
  • Simple and clear evaluation of results, e.g. as short list and long list



The option RC-column of BEST for standard cross sections is a powerful structural engineering application and in particular provides the following advantages:

  • clearly arranged and efficient working surface for short processing times
  • fully graphic-oriented input with optimum control of all modifications
  • fast familiarisation with an online support and manual
  • simple calculation and design of arbitrary systems with free option for storeys, supports and loads
  • high-quality calculation module for the processing of very slender, highly utilised columns
  • foundation loads can be transferred to the programme FUNDA

BEST is particularly suitable as an application for high-quality, geometrically and materially nonlinear calculation as well as for the economic design of column systems.


Cover Picture: Bremer AG, Paderborn

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