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iTWO structure for BIM Model Integration in Engineering

BIM Model Integration
in Structural Engineering

iTWO structure provides the structural engineer with a very flexible BIM model transfer: Both the CPIXML* format and IFC formats are supported. In addition, data can be used via integrated interfaces to other CAD systems and software from manufacturers. The components for iTWO structure fem are currently being developed. A direct integration for Autodesk Revit is available there as a plug-in.

* proprietary RIB iTWO exchange format


Model Transfer via Revit-PlugIn

Our Revit-PlugIn allows the direct transfer of component information for analysis models to iTWO structure fem. The model information can be transferred for individual floor slabs as well as for the entire system. These form the basis for the subsequent model-based conversion into a finite element model for numerical simulation. Unique IDs always guarantee the assignment of the model information to the finite element components in iTWO structure fem.

Data Transfer to CAD Systems and Manufacturer Software

iTWO structure fem supports versatile options for a direct data transfer to other CAD systems by passing on design information (Allplan, STRAKON, etc.) In addition, software components installed by manufacturers (Schöck, Halfen, Filigran, etc.) can be directly accessed from the program environment and supplied with result data from the FE system. Thus iTWO structure fem becomes an overall interconnected program system.

Coordination of geometric models via IFC

The IFC interface for the ZEICON engineering CAD system supports the data exchange from digital building models in civil engineering via IFC files (Open BIM), which contain component information in an open standard. When importing or exporting (from V20 on) the IFC data, a direct assignment to the components known in ZEICON is made from the geometry description. On the basis of the existing model information, the design drawings for the components can be created after the calculation and dimensioning of the structure.


iTWO structure FEM
Concrete Slab Entry

Entry package structural slab with iTWO structure fem base, slab and GZT-NW concrete in building construction


iTWO structure FEM
Concrete Slab

Basic package structural slab with iTWO structure fem base, slab and GZT-NW concrete in building construction


iTWO structure FEM
FEM Concrete Slab Package PLUS

Expert Package Concrete Slabs for BIM Integration
Slab, Revit Plugin2FEM, ULS/SLS transformation condition II for concrete in building construction


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