Reinforcement COMPACT

ZEICON® Reinforcement COMPACT - Option reinforcement for ZEICON® COMPACT

New Features in ZEICON

With the current version of ZEICON, the following enhancements are available in addition to the adaptations for running under Windows®11:

ZEICON Formwork and Reinforcement

  • The plan templates for ZEICON have been extended for DIN EN ISO 5457. In addition, the bending roller stamps and the building material table have also been adapted to the current standard.
  • Wall views are now associative, i.e. changes to the wall are immediately reflected in the view.
  • For better integration of ZEICON into the digital planning process, there is now a new function for comprehensive management for imported design data.
  • With this, the interaction of ZEICON with various FE applications can now be optimized and administered in a clear form for digital work processes (BIM).
  • The As values can be placed under the reinforcement (bar and mesh steel) and visualized in relation to the existing reinforcement. For a more complex interaction between the FE applications and ZEICON, the assignment of the imported design data in the structure, in components and reinforcement layers can be specifically administered, especially for spatial structures.
  • The new administration allows a clear assignment of the as-values and the targeted updating of the design data in case of changes in the digital design process.
  • The 3D viewer in ZEICON has been enhanced for integration into the design process and equipped with online help.
  • JPEG screenshots saved by the 3D Viewer can now be inserted into a ZEICON plan.
  • Switching on several light sources creates a certain ambient light in the 3D Viewer. This contributes to a significantly better representation of spatial systems.
  • The BVBS interface has been revised so that conflicts with different bending shapes, e.g. with bent-up stirrups, are solved.


  • When importing and exporting IFC data, the building structure is now also transferred.
  • If clipping of components is used in the IFC data, the recognition of this function can be optionally activated in the IFC interface.

BIM integration

  • Ceiling slabs can now be selected individually in the 3D viewer and transferred directly for static calculation according to iTWO structure fem (from V22). The associated calculation model is automatically derived from the geometry model. The underlying walls and columns are converted into support conditions, whereby a fixed support or an elastic support can be selected.
  • For a fully-fledged integration of ZEICON into the digital planning process, the building structure with the assignment to the respective components is now managed and, if necessary, taken over from imported models or passed on to exported models or supplemented.
  • The spatial building structure used to represent the building structure is displayed in a tree view. Here, individual components can be selected and made visible in the complex building. Selected properties of the component are also displayed and summed up for each floor.


Start-up version of the ZEICON® CAD system for the creation of reinforcement plans:

  • Generation of bended steel bars
  • Relocate steel bars and reinforcement mats in views, projections and sections
  • Creation of reinforcement mats
  • Placement of planar mats individually and in selected areas
  • Mat catalogue and steel catalogue with automatic generation of material, mats and steel schedules

Benefits of ZEICON® Reinforcement COMPACT

ZEICON® has a powerful reinforcement component with the following advantages:

  • easy to operate and fast familiarisation
  • continuous construction support during reinforcement and laying
  • in the event of modifications, all layings of rebar and mesh steel are updated
  • individual settings for a reinforcement-specific functionality


What are the differences between ZEICON - Reinforcement COMPACT and ZEICON - Reinforcement?


Reinforcement COMPACT



Depending on Licence


External references



Plan-Related Replacement Texts



Replacement Text



Plan information file



Round Reinforcement, BF Rounding



Reinforcement Data Transfer, Bending Schedule

no yes

Mesh Reinforcement Optimisation

no yes

Layout drafts

no yes

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