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3D FEM-System for framed structures

TRIMAS® rahmen


  • Versatile element database
  • High-end element formulation
  • Arbitrary curved structures
  • Interaction of M, N, MT for beams
  • Versatile load models
  • High-performance reinforced concrete design
  • 3D data exchange with CAD systems


Benefits of TRIMAS® frame

The version of TRIMAS® frame is an efficient and powerful FEM application and provides the following advantages:

  • Fully graphic-oriented input with optimum control of all alterations
  • Clear and efficient working surface allows fast working and efficient design
  • Simple calculation and design of complex flat and spatial building models
  • Versatile applicability for material-independent component analyses
  • Integration of calculating and drawing to enable engineer-like planning and thinking in overall modelling
  • The programme capacity can be upgraded modularly by efficient options
  • TRIMAS® is available in German and English


Overview of functions

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