SLS- Deflections in cracked state

RTsls-crackedstate - Deflections in cracked state for concrete plates


  • Determination of the deformations in cracked state for combined beam and plate systems
  • "Simplified" non-linear calculation under the quasi-permanent combination
  • Consideration of effective stiffnesses
  • Consideration of the contribution of the concrete between the cracks
  • Determination of the initial damage and the influence of creep and shrinkage

Benefits of RTsls-crackedstate

With the option deflections in cracked state for building and bridge construction, the basic system TRIMAS® fem or PONTI® EXPERT can be extended for the analysis of deflections for combined plate and beam systems. The fully graphical-interactive processing enables fast familiarisation and provides the following special features:

  • simple input of design parameters
  • Consideration of the requirements for building and bridge construction
  • Detection of the influence of creep and shrinkage
  • Redistribution of internal forces in the system
  • Interactive graphical evaluations with comparison possibilities for deflections in cracked and non-cracked condition
  • Document output in RTF format according to the user's requirements

Verformungsnachweise im Zustand II für Platten & Balken im Hoch- und Brückenbau

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