Prestressed structures

Option prestressing for TRIMAS® fem and PONTI®


  • graphical interactive input of cables
  • User-defined 3D reference axis
  • Description in elevation and plan view
  • Internal/external prestressing with/without bond
  • prestressing cable plan with DXF interface
  • Prestressing, unloading, post tensioning, with wedge slip
  • Consideration of friction between cable and duct
  • Prestressing steel sizes and lengths

Benefits of RTprestress

    The option RTprestress fem both facilitates the prestressing of bar constructions and plane structures. The fully graphically interactive processing enables fast familiarisation and provides the following advantages for the development of projects:

    • Optimum curve definitions even of complicated spatial tendon geometries
    • Direct visual control of all inputs and alterations
    • Multiple tendons can easily be laid and moved along a tensioning strand
    • Efficient functions support the processing and moving of tendons
    Vorspannung für Stab- und Flächentragwerke

    Vorspannung für Stab- und Flächentragwerke

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