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Geometric nonlinearity

Option geometrically non-linear structural behaviour for TRIMAS® fem and PONTI®


  • large deformations
  • large rotations
  • beam structures with buckling, lateral buckling and lateral torsional buckling
  • Evaluation of cables and suspension structures
  • Determination of stiffening effects
  • Buckling of shells
  • automatic load determination
  • failure due to loss of bar strength

Benefits of RTnlgeo

    The option RTnlgeo is able to calculate both bar constructions and plane structures in a geometrically non-linear way. This, together with the clear control of the non-linear calculation, results in the following advantages:

    • Realistic analysis of the actual structural behaviour
    • Acquisition of stability failure concerning buckling, flexural-torsional buckling and bulging
    • Acquisition of failed bars
    • Consideration of stiffening effects for a more economic component design
    Geometrisch nichtlineare Tragwerksanalyse für Stab- und Flächentragwerke

    Geometrisch nichtlineare Tragwerksanalyse für Stab- und Flächentragwerke

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