Earthquake Analysis

RTearthquake - Option for Earthquake Analysis with Modal Response Spectrum Method for TRIMAS® fem and PONTI® EXPERT


  • Modal response spectrum method considering different vibration modes using the option RTfrequency
  • Consideration of the underground conditions and application of the design spectrum according to different design standards or freely defined
  • Determination of the design spectrum according to standards or freely defined
  • Consideration of dynamic loading in global x- and y-direction or in a rotated reference system
  • SRSS or CQC superposition for maximum response values and automatic generation of the load combinations for accidental design situations according to seismic design requirements
  • Reinforced concrete design for accidental design situations
  • Output of the total mass as well as the results of the modal analysis for each vibration mode
  • Graphical display of modal displacements and forces as well as the statistically superimposed values

Benefits of RTearthquake

In addition to the Program component RTfrequency fem the option RTearthquake allows to extend the program system TRIMAS®fem and PONTI®EXPERT for an integrated earthquake analysis. The fully graphically interactive processing enables fast familiarisation and provides the following advantages:

  • direct import of eigenfrequencies and eigenmodes from RTfrequency
  • application for spatial frame and shell structures also in combination with soil-structure interaction
  • efficient transition from static to dynamic analyses including the consideration of incidental torsional effects
  • integrated structural and modal analysis as well as member design
  • consideration of overall design logistics for ULS-, SLS-, FLS- and earthquake design
  • easy visualisation of design results
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