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You want to get to know new programs?

After downloading the desired installation package

  • iTWO structure fem- Starting and Expert package building construction slab as well as Revit Add-Ins
  • RIBcad - ZEICON for formwork and reinforcement plans
  • RIBfem - Finite Elements in Building and Bridge Construction
    (TRIMAS, PONTI, PONTI compositeconcrete, PONTI compositesteel)
  • RIBgeo - Geotechnical member design
    (RTpipe, RTpile, RTslope, RTlimes, Nagelwand, RTgabion, RTpinwalls, RTwalls, RTgeo)
  • RIBtec - Structural member design
    (BALKEN, BEST, FERMO, RTfooting, RTtimber, RTgluelam, RTslab, RTzwax, RTcdesign, RTool, RTec, RTec EXPERT)
  • abacus - abacus software (GAUS, MOST, STUR)

you can install individual programs and run them with limited functionality in "demo mode".

Important: If you want to test programs in practice right away, you are welcome to use our special PPP offer.

You are also welcome to contact your direct contact person (see below)

You want to update programs?

You can use the downloads to update your existing program versions if the versions described in the installation environment or under "News & Changes" match the licenses available on your computer. This means that all improvements within an existing annual program generation, for example from version 17.0 build 04.03.2017 to build 07.06.2017, are available to you as an update free of charge.

Note: If the program versions do not match, it is usually necessary to upgrade the respective program application for a fee.

Please check before installation whether the licenses available on your computer allow the use of the latest versions from the download.

Important notes on program changes


3D-DXF-Data were transmitted into 2D-Data. That means, the z-coordinate of every point was set to zero. This bug is fixed in version 19.0 build 22072019 and version 18.0 build 25072019.

The combination min/max Mz has not been considered in the biaxial bending design of circular and annular cross-sections, even if it is more unfavorable. The bug is fixed in Version 18.0 Build 27112018.

In the calculation of the edge stress for the design decision of the cracking safety (initial crack and terminated cracking) only My and Nx, but not the corresponding Mz, were applied for biaxial loading. The bug is fixed in Version 18.0 Build 27112018.

There was an error in RIBfem 18.0 Build 09082018 concerning the design of downstand beams. The integration of plate moments was not correct.  The bug is fixed in RIBfem Version 18.0 Build 04102018.

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