Nailed Wall

NAGELWAND - Proofs for nailed wall incl. design of reinforced shotcrete shell

New Features of NAGELWAND

The program is already widely used as a new geotechnical program application for the design of nailed walls in practice and stands for comprehensible and above all very economical results. Especially the continuous illustration of the construction stages and the shotcrete lining including punching shear check, calculated and dimensioned by means of FE-model, characterizes this program application.

  • From version 19 on, all new program versions are installed in parallel
  • Revision of the program environment
  • Extension of the design for different concrete coverings on air and ground side
  • Improvement of the construction condition management
  • Extension for the sliding circle check
  • Calculation of the earth pressure according to Culmann or classic according to standards
  • Adaptation to the latest generation of Eurocodes and executability under Windows®10

Introduction of  NAGELWAND

The new geotechnical program uses the kinematic Element Method (KEM) for the determination of the critical fracture mechanisms. Optionally the rigid body kinematic is investigated for a translation with one or two bodies or a selection of all mechanisms. The following variations of the soil and wall system can be treated:

  • Arbitrary profiles of terrain
  • Arbitrary soil layers and water lines
  • different wall sections with individual inclination
  • different schemes, angles and length of nails

Likewise, via freely positioned block and line loads on the ground level and in the soil, different loading states can be assigned to the individual design situations and be considered on the analysis.

For determining the nail and wall action effects, the previously mentioned failure mechanisms can be selected and used individually or competingly in the calculation. An optimization algorithm is available for the calculation of the required nail force under consideration of the particular construction stages. Thus, a multiplicity of engineering tasks for nailed walls can be solved quickly and efficiently with the program solution at hand.

In addition, the bending design for the shotcrete shell and a punching analysis for the load transfer are being carried out and the required reinforcement amount for the wall is calculated. In all analysis it is taken care of, that all analyses and design results are issued in a testable manner as short, long or detailed list. 



  • 2-Body fracture mechanism
  • Proofs - sliding, overturning, base & ground failure
  • Geotechnical analyses according to DIN 1054 including EAU and EAB as well as EC 7, EN 1997 with national annexes for DE, AT & CZ/SK
  • New kinematic element method (KEM) system with selectable failure masses
  • Simple nail design with optimisation of the nail lengths
  • Testable analyses and practical output
  • Wall design according to DIN 1045, DIN 1045-1 as well as EC2 and EN 1992 with national annexes for DE, UK, CZ/SK, AT
  • Design with FE system as concrete shell for biaxial bending with shear force
  • Punching analysis per nail layer at the point of support
  • Design of the nails based on the bending design and the inner stability analyses
  • Program environment with summary at a glance
  • Intuitive handling with ribbon bar and quick access bar
  • Tree view for editing the objects and table for all properties
  • Selection of the output list type: short, long or detailed list



The program NAGELWAND is an efficient soil engineering application, which assists you in the daily routine with an ergonomic and technically substantiated work environment with many advantages:

  • Graphic-interactive input and editing of the model with an ideal control of all modifications
  • Intuitionally operable user interface with menu bar, quick access bar and tree view for the object handling
  • Completely graphic orientated input with tree view and tabular view of the object properties and program settings
  • Simple calculation and design of arbitrary wall systems with free choice of loads and water levels
  • Verifiable result output as short, long and detailed list with graphs and preview, respectively, filter function


Picture Source: Schwarzkopftunnel - Bauer AG Schrobenhausen

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