Angular Retaining Wall

LIMES - Analysis and design of angular retaining wall


New Features of LIMES

LIMES is highly requested among engineers because of its versatility: The application spectrum covers from the angular retaining wall as a precast element up to the re-evaluation of historical gravity walls and complex slope stabilisations with consoles and keels across the Alps. Different approaches for loads and design variants enhance its practical application. The following new features are available:

  • From version 19 on, all new program versions are installed in parallel
  • Adaptation to the latest generation of Eurocodes standards and operation under Windows®10
  • Wall design with option for reinforcing steel or glass fibre reinforcement 
  • Individual specification for partial safety factors for the design of wall, base, console and keel for each structural analysis
  • Adaptation of the partial safety factors on the resistance aspect
  • Extensions for SLS analyses
  • Working with height notations now also available with positive z-axis
  • Earth pressure redistribution for stability analyses
  • Tabular editing of earth layers from the database and the project
  • Tabular editing of colour specifications



  • Edit special shapes with free polygon editor
  • Graphical-interactive editing of consoles and keels
  • Consideration of different earth pressure approaches for stability analysis
  • Automatic and manual generation of design sections
  • Design for slide and lateral buckling stability, stability against general failure, bearing capacity, settlement analysis as well as bending and shear design


Benefits of LIMES

RTlimes is an extraordinarily powerful geotechnical application and provides the following advantages:

  • clearly arranged and efficient working surface for short processing times
  • completely graphic-oriented input with optimum control of all modifications
  • fast familiarisation with online support and manual
  • simple calculation and design of arbitrary wall systems with free selection of loads and water levels
  • clearly arranged and complete result output including graphics and preview functions


Cover Picture: WNA Magdeburg - Simone Wolter

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